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Review:manno_malfoy says:
GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS THINGS ALL OVER THE CHAPTER! And the way you've ended it... I can't even formulate proper words.

I suppose I was expecting you'll get to this particular canon event eventually since you hinted at it the previous chapter, and you showed us Severus's willingness to protect Lily from the Marauders. It really is funny how both of them view each others' friends. Anyway, I was really impressed with the way you had Sirius lure Severus into going to the Shack. I honestly still don't understand what Sirius could have been trying to achieve by that. Getting Severus killed? Is that really a cause worthy of risking the exposure of his best friend's secret? This chapter made me wish I could see that Library scene from Sirius's point of view.

The thing with Severus is, perhaps, how his brain kind of stops working properly when matters are related to impressing Lily. Somehow, he doesn't suspect anything about this little rendezvous and he doesn't doubt Sirius's integrity despite his distaste for him; it really was stupid on his behalf, no matter his good intentions. I mean, he already had his suspicions regarding Remus and he was brewing a potion to have said suspicions proven. Yet, he blindly goes into the Whomping Willow in the hopes of impressing Lily. But I suppose that's what you do when you're desperate for the forgiveness of the one you love, right?

Severus and Lily aside, just for a tiny bit... Once again, there are occasions that prepare Lily (and us for having her) fall for James. He tries to protect his best friend by hurting who once was hers, reacts maturely to the whole situation and promises to reprimand Sirius for his recklessness, and she's impressed by him. I suppose that's sad because it was meant to be Severus's night to impress her. Poor Sev. Yes, we're back to him again! :D

And another chapter ends with the two of them fighting and being distanced from each other furthermore rather than just making up and being friends again. The best thing that happened this time though was having Lily confess that she missed Severus too. Maybe that'll change him a little and accordingly help her hold up her end of the deal with Regulus? Let me be hopeful about this despite everything I know about how things end for these two. As far as I know, Severus and Lily will make up and so will Sirius and Regulus, and everything will be just dandy.

I cannot wait to see the consequences of all that's happened in this chapter and how it will affect the deal between Regulus and Lily. Wonderful, wonderful chapter! It may even be my favourite but I'm finding it hard to settle on anything. Too many gorgeous things and chapters.

PS. This is my 100th review! So happy I've left it here! :D


Author's Response: Manno! Happy 100th review, once again!

You know, I think that's a valid point. It was a little tough for me to even imagine why Severus would take the bait from Sirius, and so Lily was used to sort of remedy that issue, but I do have to wonder what Sirius's motive was. Hopefully it wouldn't just be for laughs at this point. I think it probably stemmed from the bitter edge of his life, with his issues at home and generally dark outlook on things. I'm sure it wasn't easy to be around him.

Hah, it's so true! Lily makes him stupid, and fortunately some people have found that sympathetic. I think it bothers her, too, knowing that she's the cause of his injuries. It's probably one of many reasons why canon Lily eventually decided not to stick with him.

Toying with the Severus-James dynamic has been so hard and so enjoyable at the same time. I want to allow myself to get to know James and understand what Lily eventually found lovable about him, and I also want to see Severus the way that she eventually did. It breaks my little shipper heart every time she and Severus have an argument, and yet I'm enjoying letting her bond a little with James. This story has been so weird for me!

Be hopeful! Do it! It's okay to want that nice, clean ending--I know I do! I also love Lily's messiness, though. It's fun for me to play with her emotions and make her conflicted, as much as I usually want only good things for her. Characterization is a real roller-coaster!

Thank you again for this fabulous review :)


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