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Review:CambAngst says:

So this was the first chapter where you started off writing from Wolf's point of view, and it made for an interesting change-up, given the subject matter. Right away, we see the very strong connection that Wolf had developed to his pack. You really expanded the emotional range of the werewolf beyond what I think most people would have considered. The loss that Wolf feels, the sadness, the feelings of betrayal... all of these were written very well and still couched in the fairly primal terms that make sense for a creature like the werewolf.

You've brought both Wolf and Remus such a long way in terms of their ability to coexist in the same body. Wolf hears Remus shouting in his thoughts and he mostly listens. He accepts Remus's attempts to keep both of them safe from situations where Wolf would likely get hurt or hurt somebody else. He finds things out that Remus knows, like the "fact" that Sirius betrayed them and killed Peter.

I like the way that Wolf finds traces of Peter among the wreckage. I think it's safe to assume that Peter has been back to try to find out what happened to his master. In fact, it seems possible from your descriptions that Peter was actually present when Wolf arrived. A very clever, very interesting touch.

When Remus awakes in the morning, I really liked the thoughts that you took him through. The way that James and Lily would have been mortified to find the naked man in their bedroom, yet Lily still would have worried about him and tried to mother him. Everything that Remus remembers about the events leading up to the Potters' murder fits perfectly with canon. The way that Sirius became convinced that Remus was the traitor. The way that the Potters put their trust in the wrong man, and used Sirius as a decoy to cover it up. You constructed such a believable narrative around it from Remus's point of view.

You also filled in a few interesting details that were missing from canon, such as how the decision was made to preserve the Potters' house in its ruined state and how the decision to create the monument was made. And the graffiti on the sign, that was a nice touch!

It's been such a pleasure to be involved in this story! I really enjoy every bit of it. Remus is such an interesting character, and you've brought amazing, new depth to the werewolf that I never really considered before. Until next time!

Author's Response: FINALLY!! So sorry that I took my sweet time to answer this. Too many things going on in life but I'm here!!

By this time Wolf had a pack for about 6 years. Ever since they left Hogwarts the Marauders didn't get to go out as a whole pack as much as they did back in school. I see at least one or two of the guys joining Remus on those nights when he was not out spying for Dumbledore.

Now all of the sudden he's alone with no family and pack to be with him and he's of course upset by it. According to wolf pack studies, wolves actually do mourn for their dead pack members by howling alone. And they actually shift their tone to ward off other predators. Anyway! I wanted to make Jami cry...haha, sounds mean and perhaps horrible but she was my inspiration regarding emotion behind this chapter. I've never written anything with this much sadness and grief so it was a bit of a personal challenge for me. Enya helped me a lot too! haha!!

Remus and Wolf tolerate each other by now. They've learned to coexist that's for sure. Grief, however, managed to bring the two of them closer in away. Both of them lost the same people so they're having to rely on each other in a way from now on. They have to trust each other now that the both of them are in a very, VERY dark place. Sadly, they'll be there for a good 12-13 years until the truth about Peter is revealed.

Peter, Peter, Peter...he's like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime. It was indeed Peter who was there. He's living in Godric's Hollow for a while in order to be close to magical people in order to find out any sort of news about his master just in case. There's also this guilt he has about James and Lily because the betrayal is still too fresh for him. He panics, however, when he sees Wolf coming. Peter got scared that Wolf/Remus found out the truth about things and that's why he scurried away as fast as he could.

Canon is a big thing for me so I almost didn't add the whole house scene. According to Hermione the house might still be cursed so going against canon hurt me a bit. Haha! But I needed to add that scene of Remus going around the house. To show people the process (my head canon process at least) that it took for people to agree about the Potters's house and the monument.

I knew, however, right from the beginning that I wanted to end this chapter with Remus being the first one to write on the signpost. So I'm super glad that it worked just fine. Now, thanks to this, my head canon will tell me that Remus was the hipster here and wrote on the signpost first before it became cool and everyone started to do it. Haha XD

I really don't know what would've happened to this story if you hadn't been involved! Seriously, again and again...thank you for everything!! :D

Indeed! Until next time!


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