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Review:my_voice_rising says:
Hi there, I'm here from the forums to review your story. I apologize for the delay, so I'll try to make up for it with a lengthy review ;)

I think that your opening statement is really interesting and definitely draws the reader in. The sort of Jeckyll and Hyde type characterization how have of Remus and the wolf part of him is a really nice touch. Also, I LOVE that you set this before the Marauders find out about his "furry little problem"--this is always a side of Remus that I've wanted to read more about.

I love his mantra to himself. "A T in Herbology, broccoli," haha. Perfect. You gave us a really good glimpse into his character just by using that technique!

And I really adore your characterization of McGonagall. I've always had such a soft spot for her and I think you've got her right-on: her dignity to treat him just as any other student, the obvious concern she has for him that she's trying to hide, and her inability to ignore a detention that must be filled.

Oh my goodness, the line "I am a human being" coming out as a wolfish whimper just broke my heart. Poor, poor Remus. I think you've given him the martyr card that people typically associate with him, but it's not overdone and is entirely believable.

Hehe, "the largest piece of food." Oh wolf-Remus. I like that you have made him turn into a wolf instead of a hybrid of wolf and human; I've always found that more agreeable. My only criticism here is that he went from needing to hunt and being this uncontrollable beast that needs to be locked away to being afraid of hearing voices outside, and then back to being on the attack. Maybe if you'd clarify that he could still sense the Remus in him and that was what was making him fearful?

An intriguing end to your first chapter. I hope my review was at least somewhat helpful--I'm afraid I didn't have much in the way of CC.

Author's Response: Hey no worries! Life is life you know and sometimes those things are a lot more important than reading fanfics. :) So yeah, no worries! Besides, I took my sweet time coming here so yeah...

I honestly wish I had started this fic now during Remus's early life then build up to this point. Oh well...haha perhaps a short story collection is in order!

Remus trying to distract himself by reminding himself of things that he hates is a way to delay his transformation. It hurts him and he's alright with it because it gives him more time to be human.

McGonagall is always a hoot to write! I've always pictures this woman to be strict but with a wild streak past. She is, however, very understanding of Remus's condition and is willing to help. That doesn't mean that she isn't scared. She's a human being after all. But she tries her hard to not show it and also treats Remus as if nothing were wrong with him.

It was hard to not make him into a 'woe is me' character. I mean, he has a hard life. An outcast to society...but I'm happy that you think that he's not too overly done.

Yeah, he considers James as a piece of food. A wrong smelling piece of food, hahaha.

The thing is that with every animal, they attack when they're afraid. Wolf IS an uncontrollable beast that needs to hunt, run and be free but things that are foreign to him or random people coming into his territory will set him off. He'll be afraid but he'll lash out to protect what's his. That's why he was afraid at the random people coming has never happened before so it set him on edge.

Remus will always be part of Wolf and Wolf will always be part of Remus. They can sense each other however Remus chooses to not be around Wolf unless something sets him off. Like James, Sirius and Peter coming for the first time.

Anyway! You'll get to find out a lot more in the following chapter if you ever get the chance to read it!

Thank you for dropping by!


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