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Review:Jchrissy says:
Guess who’s back, back again. Jami’s back, tell a friend. Okay, now that rapper Shady is out of my system:

Can I just gush? Do I have to leave a coherent review? Does it need to be written in sentence form? Or can I just... feels so much perfect love tiny noses and perfect little fingers and mommy and daddy who don’t know how to be but are going to be perfect at this. In laws, brothers sister, a big family for the poor boy that never had one and now he has it all and fuzzy heart.

Few. Okay. Now that I got that out, let’s try a real review.

Ron’s impatience. It’s so perfect. He doesn’t even care what the reason is, he just wants to know what’s going on and no one is delivering that information. Hermione’s answer was so perfect, especially the fact that even she isn’t pleased about the fact that there is no real set schedule for this kind of important thing is so Hermione. I can’t believe how well you get these Weasleys/Potters down.

Arthur and Molly always make my heart so fuzzy. Sometimes I think they’re really not given enough credit, but in this they are the two that have been through it so many times. They lived through the ‘people your own age having kids, making you want them,’ and watched it happen countless times. They are both just such an awesome presence in this first section, and I loved the line about Hermione already preparing to argue her point. Until she realized just what Arthur was going to say. That seemed to shut her up ;).

Okay. You know that I’m not really one of those ‘I must have a baby now’ type of people. I get enough of kids during the day as it is, but this made me want a baby so bad! I just wanted to hold that tiny little bundle in my arms and touch his nose and his barely there eyebrows and kiss his tiny lips. Bah. I was so feels with that. When I tell Ben I want a baby NOW, it’s your fault. Just joking about that part. But you just gave me that tiny little bundle of miracle feeling.

Harry and Ginny’s chemistry together is so phenomenal in this. It was the kind of sweet that makes me want to cry, because I feel like that’s looked over so many times.

Harry talking to the baby felt so natural. I wished I could just see a screen shot of that. And I LOVE that you made James’s eyes brown. They’re always just like Harry’s, never Ginny’s, so that was perfect.

The entire ‘what do we do’ feeling at the beginning of their scene was so perfect too. I mean you’ve just been given a human life!!! You’ve never been responsible for anyone that needs your constant care, and now it’s there! It’s yours! What do you do with it?? I jus wanted to giggle. I can imagine how someone would feel when they’re brining two babies home.

Oh Ginny’s desperate need to take a shower and her ‘gross gross gross’ reminded me that I can wait a few… hundred.. years to have a little bundle of precious.

I really love that you made it just these three. There’s usually so much of the other family, which is great, but this was so perfect to watch how their new life begins. It made it feel so special. You turned my heart into warm fuzzies.

I’m always impressed at your ability to turn something that could be done so.. wrong I guess, into an amazing thing.

Author's Response: Sigh. I guess I have to finally respond to this, huh? I do so enjoy looking at it sitting on my unanswered reviews page. It's long and pretty. Feel free to drop by anytime and bust a freestyle on one of my stories. ;) And feel free to gush as much as you like. I rub it on my ego and it makes it soft and moisturized.

After I finished drafting this, I sat back and read it and felt kind of uneasy about the first section with the four Weasleys. The connection to the rest of the chapter seemed kind of tenuous. But the more I read it, the more I'm happy with it. It ties together well enough with the theme of life transitions and changes. And it sets up Ginny and Harry's section to an extent.

Ha! I imagine that by the time you leave work today, your "must have a baby now" feelings will be tempered sufficiently. They're awesome, but they're a mountain of work.

If there's one thing I can usually do, it's write Harry and Ginny with chemistry. I really love the two of them together and I feel like they both deserve a lot of happiness after what they lived through. So it just works for me.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that James's eyes are known to be brown because only Albus inherited Lily's eyes. But that might not have been anywhere official.

I remember so distinctly that "OK, what do we do now??" feeling. More after we left the hospital than before, but even in the hospital. It's a scary thing. Nobody wants to mess it up somehow, and it really does take a while to realize how tough the little buggers really are.

Yeah, I debated with myself a lot whether to include Ginny's offhand remarks. But you know me, I'm all about thorough and realistic.

I debated whether to bring the rest of the family back into the fold, but in the end it just seemed like it wouldn't add anything. This seemed like a really good ending.

Thank you so much for helping me with this and for such a lovely, encouraging review. 'Til next time!

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