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Review:CambAngst says:
Augh! Fred is such a sensitive topic for me. Partly because he was such a "tear your heart out and stomp on it" choice for which Weasley wouldn't survive the war, but also because of the guilt that I always feel he inspires in Harry. You captured that feeling again and again in this, through the eyes and the voices of so many different characters. It's like you pulled a lot of this right out of my heart-broken reaction.

Bill's reaction was exactly what I'd expect from the elder brother. The overachiever. The one who accomplished everything he'd ever set out to do in life, the one who got the girl that everyone else could only lust after, the one who always felt responsible for all of his younger siblings.

In the midst of it, I really liked his explanation of what's going on at Hogwarts. I always felt like putting the school back together and making it safe was a Herculean effort.

Charlie - This was my second-favorite section, I think. His reactions are so raw and primal. Exactly what you'd expect from the guy who plays with dragons all day long. And he carries the extra heartbreak from his love for Tonks that he seems to have never quite given up. All of the things he wanted to do with Fred, all of the missed opportunities...

Percy's self-torment was actually the most intense for me. Because I'm pretty sure that there's a part of me that believes that he's right. He was the one who turned his back on the rest of his family. He was the one who sided with Fudge and indirectly helped Voldemort solidify his power. His only contribution to the final battle was, I believe, stunning Pius Thicknesse, a guy who may well have been Imperiused? I like the angst and the bitter revulsion he feels. For some reason, probably because I wear glasses, I loved the little moment where feels tempted to snap them in half. Trust me, for somebody with bad vision, it's a self-destructive act that has really strong psychological implications. And introducing {drum roll}, Audrey!

I thought the decision not to have George say a word was brilliant. I wouldn't have thought of that. But the fact that he and Fred never really had to speak to know what each other were thinking made it seem like a really natural way for him to behave. The way you characterized his interactions with other people and the emotions they inspired in him were great. Of course he's hurting, why would anyone think otherwise? And the way that Ron and Harry, Ginny and Hermione make it possible for him to get through the day, very touching.

I know you were worried about capturing Ron's voice, but I think you got it just about right. The way that he recognizes George's feelings toward Angelina was exactly the sort of thing that Ron would notice. And the way he accidentally insults Hermione was perfect. I thought her entrance into "Ron's scene" actually added quite a bit. She always was the voice of the better part of him, I thought. And helping him to be proud of his career plans, of the way that he's actually going to move on with his life, was quintessentially her.

Ginny's section was my favorite, really. Part of that just came down to timing. I feel like hers was set long enough after the end of the war for a certain amount of healing to have taken place, but soon enough that those raw emotions were still pretty close to the surface. "We can remember some of the things without it ending in all of us crying." - I think that line really says it best. The stroke of absolute genius was the way she explains her feelings toward Harry. In their deepest moments of grief, I don't see how any of the Weasleys wouldn't have had those feelings. That angry, injured voice in the back of their minds screaming "Why us? Why were we the ones who had to take in The Boy Who Lived?" Smashed plates and making up over ice cream... sounds like a memorable night for Ginny and Harry! But what really seals the deal is her realization that life would go on for the rest of them but Fred would always be the same, that he would never get to experience the changes in life. That was almost too sad for words.

I thought you picked a great moment in Harry's life for his section. Where did you get that idea? ;) Everything about that section was quintessential Harry. He wants to move on. He wants to live and be happy, for himself and for everyone else. He wants to honor Fred's memory. But there's a part of him that just can't let go. That will never stop blaming himself for Fred and everyone else who died. That's Harry Potter. Aunt Petunia's voice will never be completely erased from his the back of mind.

Which brings us to the close. I really enjoyed Arthur and Molly giving Fred the run-down of everything that's happening in clan Weasley. So many grandchildren, and there seem to be little bits and pieces of Fred in most of them. There's no more fitting tribute to a guy who loved life so much than to see the essence of who he was continue to be. Arthur's final words sum it all up perfectly.

Your writing was lovely in this. Sarah is very lucky to have somebody like you who can produce such an amazing story and dedicate it to the friendship that the two of you have built. I enjoyed every word. Very well done!

Author's Response: I don't anyone will ever beat my sadness for Sirius, but Fred's a close second. More for George, I think, because he should have never had to try and live without his twin. I couldn't imagine losing that kind of closeness.

Charlie was my favorite reaction to write. I just feel like he's so much less contained than any of his other brothers, and like you said, raw. He's mad, and he's not going to act like he's anything but.

CoB was the closest I've ever been to liking Percy, but you saw how hard it was for me to forgive what he was doing despite the mind control aspect. He's one of my least favorite characters. I don't think he has any sort of backbone, and he's far from reliable. But it's still sad to think of him wishing he'd be the one that was no longer living. Poor Percy :(.

Well my awesome beta might have suggested to throw Harry into the self loathing put.. ;). I'll never be able to write him. I just don't know what goes on in his head most of the time, which is odd since I spent so many years in it. I think part of it is him being portrayed inaccurately so often in Fan fiction, I'd probably start to enjoy him more if I reread the books. But you absolutely saved me with that section ;).

I really did enjoy writing this, but I can say without a doubt I'll never do something so Weasley again. Haha. It's so difficult for me to try and get these people write. Writing Bill and Charlie is fun, because I feel like i can manipulate their characters a bit, but the rest just don't come naturally. Especially Ginny. She was a pain to try and figure out.

Thanks for all the help and awesome support, darling ♥

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