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Review:manno_malfoy says:
So, one day, when you're all caught up in book 2 of Before They Fall or something like that, I'll steal this story and claim it's mine, okay? Great, we have a deal then! Alright, I'm /probably/ just kidding, but right at this moment, I kind of wish I wasn't.

JAMI! ALL THE FEELS! This is why I usually avoid Fred-centric stories! They make me feel like sitting in a corner and sobbing because the world is just so cruel and because it should've been Percy! It never should've been Fred, and it never should've been George who has to live with a severed heart and a no-longer-existent twin brother, AND THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT BECAUSE IT'S YOUR STORY THAT'S MAKING ME THINK OF ALL THIS.

But anyway. I love how smoothly everything went, how the time passed as you switched from character to character and how the events tied in across them all. It made the story so dimensional because each glimpse was different than the other and told different stories that, in the end, conveyed the same thing: they didn't want him gone; they never TRULY got over him, no matter how many years have passed, no matter who is standing above the grave, no matter how much they've achieved in their lives.

And it's just so touching how you put together everyone's feelings and let those feelings define them! You could really tell apart all the different characters -especially Ron because he very Ron-y.
And I love how you brought Audrey and Angelina into a couple of scenes, and also Hermione into the Ron scene!

Now, the George part! HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING! And you know what? It makes a lot of sense! What would you say to dead you? They know you so well that you don't even need to say anything to let them know how you feel, what you think. And it was just so painful.

Oooh! I spotted a couple of typos, which I think were the only problems here, so I thought I'd point them out.
"he had nothing left to stay " I think 'stay' should've been 'say'.
"Mum had been the one that suggest" I think 'suggest' should've been 'suggested' but there's a chance I'm wrong.

Also, imagine how cool it'd be to have that dead person that you go to and just let everything off your chest and know that they're not going to judge you! Okay, maybe 'cool' is the wrong word, but you do get what I mean, right? It's like having a penpal that never responds, or that imaginary friend that you recite monologues in front of or something! He was practically helping them all get over their death by just being... dead. Does that make sense?

Also, you know what helped make this story really special? You know how I always tell you you're so good with the 'darker' scenes in BTF? Well, this felt like a blend of dark and hopeful and you've made the dark part appear in the form of speech and feelings rather than descriptions of people and rooms, but it worked out very beautifully to get all the emotions across!

Anyway, I don't even know how you managed to write this, and I don't think you know how deeply it's touched me because I can't really put that into words! And Sarah is really lucky to have gotten such an awesome story and I really do believe she'll love it! Because it's an awesome story and you're an awesome author, and I can't wait to see what awesome thing you'll be writing next!


Author's Response: You are killing me with these amazing reviews! I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO RESPOND ANYMORE!

I am so happy you liked that George didn't even say anything. I started writing his and any kind of dialogue just felt ridiculous. Did he ever talk to Fred about anything before? Probably not because they were thinking the same things! They didn't need to verbalize it all because they just knew! And that kind of closeness being taken away is terrible :(. It makes me want to cry :(. But it just really felt more appropriate for George to just be there and let Fred be there with him. Bah. It's too sad :(.

Okay I totally thought the same thing as you! With the dead person confident! I mean, you know they won't be repeating it, but at the same time you still get to say it. Clearly we're just creeps that think a dead person style journal would be cool (for lack of a more appropriate word :P )

I am so happy you liked this ♥ writing the Weasleys was terrifying for me, and I can say that Charlie and Bill are the only two I'd be writing from here on out, but it was a nice experience.

Thanks for all the awesome reviews, darling ♥

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