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Review:Jchrissy says:
Hi darling! I was so excited to check this out when I saw it in the new story thread!!!

First of all, I love that you aren't writing a story about a Healer and excluding the actual healing part. You know how much I love going into detail about these sort of things, and the fact that you described these diseases, talked about the different things a Healer can and can't do, just made it all feel so very genuine.

Then!! You did what hardly anyone does - you made it clear that, despite all the magic and potions there are, a Healer can't fix everything!!! I get so frustrated when I read about all these injuries and a person is good as new after a few days in St. M's, not that that doesn't happen, but it can't happen all the time. Witches and Wizards are still human. If they fall a hundred feet from their broom and break every bone in their body, they're probably going to snap their neck as well. And only a trip to the morgue is going to be done for that one.

Anyway, I was getting distracted there, what I'm trying to say is your focusing on the reality. Yes, people get better, no, they don't always. Not even children.

Your descriptions were lovely , really awesome. I especially liked the description about asparagus green eyes. It gave her something very unique. I think you did a great job making everything perfectly vivid, without purple prose filling. I didn't notice any place that got 'over the top' nor where I didn't know what I was supposed to be seeing. Excellent balance.

I thought you inclusion about the Thymus was not only creative, but accurate! Because there was a long period when it wasn't really known that it's needed to create the T-cells, even thought to be the soul way back when. What an awesome story to tell children! Your brain is such a fun place. Or, at least the stories that are created in your brain :P.

AND I WANT TO KNOW HOW POPPY GETS BETTER! I didn't read the description much, I'm terrible with that, so when she came in it was a fun surprise. Like that 'oh!' that clicks with the start of a story plot.

This was wonderful, darling! I'm really excited about your new project! Now I can stalk two of your awesome stories ♥

Author's Response: JAMI! I wanted to respond to this sooner but I didn't know what to say or what to do and you always do this to me, so generally, it's your fault, not mine. Because saying thank you is hard when there are such few synonyms for it and when none of them reflect how 'thankful' I am or how your reviews make me want throw roses all over my room and make a parade!

Yet, responding is the polite and responsible thing to do; therefore, that's what I will do.

Okay. Okay. So you liked me going in detail on scientific things? I was actually worried that I turned the story into a bundle of the facts I remember from studying for my exam and that I went a little overboard with the stuff about plants and warts and whatnot. But you liked it! YAY!

THIS IS PRECISELY WHY I WANTED TO WRITE THIS STORY! Because there's this rumour going around that wizards have such strong immunity and that there's a 'magical' solution to every fallout of the immune system and to every traumatic 'fall-off the broom', as you have said! But NO, okay?! Even if that's the case, it must have taken time to develop the potion or the spell or whatever it is they do in magical operation room -if those even exist! Fine, they don't get cancer or autism or whatever horrible diseases we have here, but I'm sure they have their own and that some of them have been terminal for a long time as well! AND I'M SO GLAD YOU THINK SO TOO AND THAT YOU NOTICED THAT! THANK YOU!

It's okay you got distracted because I got distracted too.

I'm VERY VERY HAPPY that you liked the descriptions! This is a new territory for me and I was really worried that I may have over-dramatised things or made them too artsy that they're unbearable so this is such a relief!

And the thymus is my favourite organ, and I'm really sad that I only heard of it AFTER I became an adolescent and had probably lost it. See, this is what made me think of the story to begin with. I was studying glands and then I was like, 'I should write a story about the thymus because it's magic. It disappears.' And I even had to test it out on my little brother to see if he buys it or not -which he did! And trust me, my brain is no fun place at all. It forgets things all the time, so we aren't on good terms most of the time. Which is kinda sad because I'm supposed to be a Ravenclaw. But I'm glad you like the stories! :D

And I promise you'll know what happens to Poppy!

Thank you SO, SO incredibly much for coming by and leaving this wonderful and supporting and helpful review! I can't possibly thank you enough for taking the time to do this!

Love you!


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