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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
I love all of this seeing everything from Severus's point of view! In the Black was very much Beth's story, but In the Red is both of theirs, it seems. And because of all the things they're not sharing with each other, it's important that we see what goes on behind closed doors.

As always, you've got me wondering a thousand things at once. I'm wondering what would have happened if he'd chosen to sleep on the prophecy information overnight rather than run directly to headquarters. I'm wondering what's going to happen with Pettigrew and what Beth will eventually find out, and who she'll blame for the Potters' deaths, and if Severus will tell her whose fault it really was, or if he'll keep it secret because he'll want to hide the fact that he was the one who relayed the prophecy in the first place. He can't tell her about Peter handing over the Potters on a platter because of a prophecy without admitting that it's actually his fault Voldemort ever went after the Potters and Harry to begin with.


Oh my goodness, I don't know which chapters I like better - Severus's or Beth's. Both have such great things and I'm finding that in Severus's, I'm more or less just sitting here slackjawed because of how amazingly canon and eerie and sharp he is. Your writing style differs slightly, too, depending on who you're writing about. With Beth everything is a little bit lighter, a little bit friendlier and funnier. But with Severus there is darkness and shadows, and Severus's eloquence seeps into your descriptions of everything he sees. When you describe Beth's environment, it feels like a backdrop, the space she moves through and inhabits. When you describe Severus's environment, I feel like he's seeing a thousand little details with his quick eyes, and he notices these things just as we the readers notice them.

There is a good chance I am not making any sense.

The description of what used to be a bedroom made my insides turn green - the discolored rectangle of floor where the bed had been, and the exposed pipework, and the mirror. I am so envious of that, which will probably not surprise you because there is no way you're not aware of how good that imagery is. Also really loved how Voldemort reacted to the prophecy, how he heard everything with Legilimens and afterward when Severus was on the floor, he was twirling his wand without being aware of it, and his expression and the fear stirring just under the surface. That was brilliantly done.

I was so worried that Severus would tell Roark everything and Roark would run off and take all the credit, so I was very pleased with the world when he got sassy with Roark and said that the information was for the Dark Lord's ears only.

I am so conflicted! I understand why he's doing all this, because he's, well, Snape. He's been working up to this for years, he's not going to back down now. But then again I just want to beat him over the head with images of a disapproving Beth. He's going to be so crossed between guilt, satisfaction, loyalty, duty, and who he is and who he wants to be from here on out. I don't know how he'll cope. What he'll do when he realizes how Voldemort interprets the prophecy is absolutely beyond me; he's going to feel awful. (As he should.)

I am just so worried for them both, and I'm worried for Lily and James because their days are so severely numbered now and they don't even know it. And I'm so mad at Peter. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT ANYTHING. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH.


Author's Response: I love /writing/ from Severus's point of view! And I really do think you're right: In The Black and Breaking Even are largely Beth's books, but this one really is almost split evenly between them. I'm glad that I decided way back when to write a few chapters from different points of view. I can't imagine telling this story solely through Beth's eyes; it needs the input of Severus and Sirius and James and all the rest of them.

I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that the possibility of a different outcome might not be so far-fetched, if Severus had chosen to do things differently. He's so impulsive, in this block of chapters about him, and that's one of my favorites things about it. Cool, calculating Snape doesn't think things through for once, and that's basically what strikes the match to light the fuse that'll blow all of this up in his face. He's just backed himself into a tight corner here, and he doesn't even realize it.

Gahh, you are too much. ♥ I cannot even believe, and so choose not to believe, that anything I write (KEEP MESSING UP THAT WORD TONIGHT) leaves you slackjawed. :3 I think Beth's chapters are lightened severely by the fact that she hangs around Sirius, who is never as his name suggests, and from the fact that... well, basically she's hanging around the guy she's got an immense crush on. I almost think things get darker from her perspective in book three, but I will reveal nothing further here! I could be imagining things anyway, so. There's that. Mostly I'm just really, really excited that you read them differently -- even go so far as to see their environments differently -- all because of their characteristics. Just. Just stop. ♥ ♥

I know nothing about imagery. Mostly because hello, who can even top yours? No one. Also, writing Voldemort scares the crap out of me. :) But I, too, am very proud of Severus for holding his own in front of Roark! No matter how shoddy the decisions he's currently making, he's firm in them, and that's something that's got to be at least partway admired.

Sometimes I like to think that what happens in this story... doesn't happen. It breaks my heart to know that Beth and Severus have so many trials ahead of them, and James and Lily really don't have long to go, and the whole world's turning darker without any way to stop it. Then again, I'm excited to write the sad things, because of masochism, et cetera. YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. But it is still sad.

Your last line seriously just. I have lost the ability to can. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AWESOME AND WONDERFUL REVIEWS AND I AM GOING TO GO BEFORE I MAKE MYSELF CRY. ♥

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