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Review:water_lily43175 says:
"...hey." So cute! Oh, I love this T/T moment. I can't express in words just how much. It's so fluffy and adorable. :)

O-ho, the Thanatos visit. This could be interesting. I love the Cal/Tanith banter!

"There was only one person in the world he liked calling him by his full name"... Gabe? Possibly? I'm not sure. I think it is though.

Oh my. As I was reading this bit, I was wondering if Thanatos would bring up that Tanith killed Nick. And he did, he DID. Oh, good god, I'm in love with this chapter already. I just ... I don't LOVE Thanatos at all, that's entirely the wrong word, I hate him, but I love his moments with Cal. At first he seemed genuinely remorseful, especially with the whole trying-to-kill-Will thing, but then he riled up Tanith and I went back to totally hating him. And then Cal said that he was saying goodbye and I thought YES, but it's so hard to not have a shred of pity for Thanatos - only the merest shred, mind. Because HE DID IT ALL FOR CAL. Only, Cal doesn't want to know at all. And then when he totally broke down in the corridor, it just about broke my heart. The poor guy. I hope that this IS his goodbye, and that he can leave Thanatos behind for good now, because it's for the best in the end. He's learned who he is, he's learned that he doesn't WANT him to be his father, so now's the time to leave him to rot in Azkaban.

Mmm, Gannifer. Gullsmere. If ever there was a hint of something to come, this HAS to be it. Jen referencing that, and more particularly that they have no idea what happened there, in the same chapter as Cal finding out that Tanith killed Nick? That can't be a coincidence. When that comes to light, things are going to get MESSY. And I think I like the sound of that, actually...

I find the name Doyle & Son singular a little bit hilarious, haha. Amazing.

There is ... so much that I loved about that Gannifer talk. Like that Gabe said something stupid, and then felt guilty for it, even if his guilt WAS partly just because he'd upset Jen. I think it's interesting that she doesn't think he should do the job, especially because he's a lot less secretive with her; heck, he acknowledged it when he said he'd talk to her before making a decision! Basically what I'm trying to say here is that so long as Jen sticks around - which she obviously WILL - then I reckon he'd be alright with doing the job. Though it's interesting that he's still holding stuff back from her about his dad. HMM.

I've already read this chapter about three times in total ... I just feel as though there's so much to pick out of it! I'm reserving judgement regarding whether this classes as a 'lull' chapter because at the moment it really seems anything BUT. Not much action but a lot of talk and reveal and development and hints. I LIKE.

Author's Response: A lot of this is setup for the next main arc, which is why I've referred to it as a lull. But yes, I do underestimate how much goodness is in this chapter!

Gabe is, indeed, the only person who can get away with calling Cal 'Caldwyn'. Not even Nat got away with that, though perhaps because she didn't try. I fear this isn't the only time we're going to see Thanatos in this story; his situation and his relationship is complicated, and writing it was quite fascinating because I went in having no idea how it would end - not because I hadn't plotted it, but because I had no idea how Cal would conclude matters, and decided to go on the journey alongside him as I wrote. Let him figure it out as it happened, and see what he decided. So Thanatos is at his best here; expressing how he'd make the world a better place for his son, and then antagonising Tanith the next second. 'cos we could hardly forget THEIR rather tense relationship, could we? But leaving him to rot will be - well, I won't go into that. Later chapters will do that for me. ;)

Certainly I've put a few plot points from Shadow, with Gullsmere and with Thanatos, back on the table, and I have no intention of leaving these things unresolved - though Jen already knows Gabe knows more than he's told her, because obviously she knows he had the vision. Glad Gabe being stupid/downright nasty comes across well; he's hardly been made a saint by Jen and he still has a gift for just being horrid specifically to provoke a reaction. But he's learning - to stop doing it, and to be more open, even if he's not yet at a point of sharing stuff about his father yet. He's not shared that with anyone EVER.

Still, really glad you like the chapter! I do feel each scene has something meaty in it so it's probably got something for everyone. And there's more of everything to come! Cheers for the review.

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