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Review:Roots in Water says:
First of all, I'm sorry I'm so late getting around to reviewing this! I did see your note but I wanted to wait to read it until I could actually give you a proper review (though this review may be more gushing than anything else...).

Gah! Let me just say that I loved this story so much! I love humour that plays off people's perceptions and interactions with other people and you did a brilliant job with this here.

Even better, your characterizations of them were believable! You didn't make up anything about them that was unusual or out of the ordinary for them- you just wrote with Snape's natural mindset.

I loved Crabbe's section (well, I loved all of the sections but we'll start with him for now). Snape's comment about how he had only escaped the fate of being the worst potions student he had ever taught by grace of Goygle was very nicely done. In particular I liked how you wrote about Crabbe's fascination with fire- it makes a nice hint about his future incident with Fiendfyre (is that how you spell it?). And the comment about his sister... Is he that insane or that dangerous?

Pansy's section was perfect as well. I think that you did a brilliant job of capturing her here, at this age. Snape's comment next to her name was a wonderful addition (his comments for all of them were). And was that a slight reference to my story that I saw when you mentioned her living with an ugly dog?

Goyle's absolute cluelessness about everything and his reliance on Malfoy (and then Crabbe) to know what to do was beautifully executed (I think that I'm running out of adjectives and adverbs to use... Oh well...). And then Draco's desire to become a hairdresser! How on earth did you come up with that? It's such a hilarious notion!

Blaise's straight-up answer to Snape's question made me laugh. He's so blunt about his future plans, even though it's so obviously wrong in the eyes of society. Yes, Minerva has it right: you truly do have to pity Severus. He's stuck with such an awful (but at the same time pitifully funny) group of teenagers.

All in all, I think that you did a fantastic job with this story. I absolutely loved it (if I haven't made that clear already) and I thank you for writing this. It's actually amazing that this hilarious story sprouted from the rather more serious story of Wilted Flower but I'm glad that it did.

Author's Response: Ugh. Apologies for taking so long to respond in turn. I took the weekend off from fan fic to orchestrate my wife's birthday party and things really piled up.

I am so glad that you liked this. That was the point, after all, and the original idea was so much fun that I felt like I really needed to do it justice. I went into this with a goal of trying to keep the characters mostly true to their book characterizations (where they exist, anyway) while placing them in a ridiculous situation. I think I was mostly successful. Some of it was over-the-top, but I think that's what makes it fun.

Crabbe... yeah, he's creepy. He was one of the ones that I had no idea what to do, really. I just started writing and suddenly the idea popped into my head and by the time I was done I was absolutely in love with it. The mishap with his sister was an accident inasmuch as I'm sure he didn't *mean* for the bewitched fire to kill her. And his family, being proper pure bloods, hushed the whole thing up.

Ah, Pansy. I just tried to make her as single-minded as possible. And, yes, the ugly little dog is my tip-of-the-hat to Astor.

Goyle was pretty easy to write. The guy has never been anything but a follower, and a pretty dumb one at that. Draco's career ambition came from a comment my dear friend Deeds made a long time ago. She said that she was always fascinated by and envious of Lucius's hair. She felt bad for him in DH because his hair looks so ragged that she thought that Voldemort took all of his product away. So it was a short leap from there, and it's totally out of character for Draco, which made it a lot of fun.

Zabini... OK, obviously this conversation never happens in reality. Not in a million years. But it was so much fun to write. I just got going and I couldn't stop myself.

Like I said, I'm so incredibly pleased that you like it. This challenge has been awesome, actually, inasmuch as it's allowed me to do some really fun things to say "thanks" to the people who supported me along the way while I was writing CoB. And thank you for reading and reviewing!

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