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Review:Loony_Scorpy says:
This is brilliant. You do crackfics so well. But the fact that you can write something like this, and then something like Purgatory. Gah. It's just amazing. So there are quite a few quotes that I felt the need to include so this review will probably be mainly quotes with a bit of commentary. Which I guess makes it slightly boring for you but here we go!

'Albus twinkled his eyes at Phineas until he retreated, scowling.' I just love the fact that he could do that by just twinkling his eyes. There is something to be said about all the times people write about his twinkly eyes that pierce into your soul and even more than that and it goes on and on.

"He's actually going to be your father-in-law, but we're not getting into the future of you and Mrs. Butterface right at this moment. And by that I mean that she's going to be the face of a successful brand of butter." Dumbledore raised his arms over his head, hands in fists. "Harry/Luna for life!"
Hahahahaha Harry/Luna, I just love that. Brilliant. At first I was wondering if Ginny somehow had a face resembling butter but then I read on and it made sense ;)

"Harry, you idiot, you can't get it off! He's living inside your liver."
Just chillin' in his liver, as you do.

"Harry, get up. I never Hoover down there, you know. We've just got the one man on our cleaning staff. Isn't that twisted? One man to clean up the whole castle and he can't even do magic. Trollolololol."
Most random thing about Hogwarts. It doesn't even make sense. Kudos for pointing that out. But Dumbledore must have a Hoover then. Because all good wizards own Hoovers.

"I'll be fine, I think. Just as long as I get to keep my beloved new owl forever and ever."
Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Yeah, about that..."
JUST CUT ME UP D: Making me all sad.

Albus frowned, his voice small and weak. "But's one of our oldest traditions..."
Harry rolled his shoulders, swaggering out the door. "Whatever, Dumbles. Potter out."
Loving the personality flip. Ha Dumbles. And he's turned on swagger already, boy that was quick. He'll be the new James Potter in no time. And Dumbledore's voice being small and weak. Hysterical.

"I had everything figured out! I was going to fake my death and retire in Bermuda!"
hahahaha because Dumbles probably did have something planned like that if he actually made it out alive.

"Get your sugar together! Imma go be a Muggle."
LOL Harry.

This was hilarious. Also the fact that you hit on many points that just didn't make sense in the book or that people in ff do all the time. You do seriously do the best crackfics ever. It's amazing. I love reading them.

Author's Response: Crackfic is mah fave!

XD Albus's eyes don't just twinkle at you. They can shoot laser beams, too. That's how he X-rays people. He is also telepathic. I think he might be one of the X-Men. Maybe he is Cyclops with his gaze of burning knowledge.

Hahaha, Ginny having a face resembling butter. The phrase 'butterface' is actually not a very nice one. It's what really obnoxious people call a girl who has a good body...'but her face...' is not so awesome. So they call them 'butterfaces'. It's horrible, I know.

Srsly though, making a Squib clean up an entire castle. No wonder he's so cranky all the time. Can you imagine having to do all that without magic? Just the Great Hall alone would be a nightmare, and he's got ALL THOSE FLOORS to attend to. Crazy.

Thanks for reading and for your awesome review!!

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