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Review:Jchrissy says:
I. DO. Not. Like. You.

Okay, I do. Just not this very second. Because this is so sad and it's all just way to sad :(. And if Remus just would have visited Sirius, maybe Sirius would have told. If only they could have talked, if anything... ah. It could have been different. And Lily and James. I can't handle it. I just don't know why she had to kill them so young. They barely had a glimpse of life and now me and Wolf just want to curl and and cry about it :(.

And Wolf and the Other One lost everything. They lost their pack, their friends, and now Remus truly is alone and it's terrible. I. Hate. it. Not the chapter!! I loved that. Just how much Remus loses.

The part where Sirius isn't telling Remus where the Potters are/ what's up with the their situation and Remus can't figure out Sirius's behavior. And and and Sirius thinks Remus is the traitor and Remus thinks (now) that Sirius is the traitor. Cry.

AND he switches to calling him Black. It's like, it's the final nail in the coffin. He's no longer Sirius. He's Black. Bah.

I always wonder why Remus didn't try and be apart of Harry's childhood. Because he loved him, and he loved his parents, and wouldn't you want to just see him maybe if only once a year? WHY REMUS. And Why does he have to be alone :(.

Okay. I'm trying to toughen up. But it's so SAD.

This was a really awesome chapter, despite all the feels that reached out and attacked me!

I love the canon details you slipped in here as well. Like the idea of both thinking the other is the traitor, and the words that Remus carved in. It just makes the chapter so much more complex. Especially the part where Remus thinks about what they've talking about doing with the house.

I also really liked that the Other One and having a Pack seems to have helped Wolf be able to maintain more sanity when he's in his transformation. It makes sense that he's able to kind of call on things that the Pack has told him, because that would become sort of instinct.

Bah. I'm sorry this all happened to you, Wolf :(.

Can't wait for the next, m'dear!

Author's Response: Jami!!

Wah! I'm sorry it has taken a while to review! I've been busy and somewhat lazy...but I'm here! Finally to respond!

Haha I figured you were going to hate me at one point on this fic. And there will be more to come too. Haha, like you said, it comes with the territory when it comes to writing Marauders fics.

There are indeed a lot of 'ifs' in this story. Even in the actual books. If Peter hadn't escaped from Harry, Sirius would've been cleared. If Harry had opened Sirius' Christmas gift, Sirius would've survived. So many 'ifs'!! Haha! I think JKR killed James and Sirius so young due to the fact that she wanted to show that war and greed will target anyone. No matter the age.

Remus, at this point, is truly alone. No friends he trusts. No one to talk to. I think, at one point he might've considered suicide to be honest. But he just kept going. For the next twelves years Remus is going to be in a dark place until the light at the end of the tunnel appears. Which should be soon! Hopefully...

The whole 'Remus is the traitor' and 'Sirius was the traitor' was something I really wanted to write about and this chapter was it. I wanted to add more but no matter what I wrote didn't work but I'm glad that I managed to get the message across.

Yep, Remus calling Sirius by his last name was the indication that he didn't want anything to do with Sirius. The Sirius he knew is dead for all Remus is concerned.

You know, when I read your question about Remus not being part of Harry's life, it stayed with me. I asked myself WHY as well...but then it hit me. Dumbledore didn't want to tell anyone about it. I do see Remus asking Dumbledore about Harry and where he was and Dumbledore just telling Remus not simply not worry about it. That Harry is being taken care of and to just move on. Dumbledore wanted to give Harry a chance at a 'Normal' life by keeping him away from anything regarding magic so he has to keep Remus away from Harry too.

To be honest, I'm glad that this chapter attacked you. Haha! That was my goal. Sometimes I would sit in front of the document thinking of HOW to reach out into people's heart and rip it out. No joke. Hahaha! I wanted to show how sad this is for both Wolf and Remus. They're now alone in a dark tunnel and they'll be there for a LONG time.

The part of Remus carving on the sign was my favorite part. I don't think it's canon but I do see Remus doing that. Besides, in the book I thought it was the sweetest/greatest thing ever so I HAD to have it. Harry never knows that Remus was the one that started the messages on the signpost.

I think by this point Remus and Wolf have agreed to sort of share the body. They don't like each other but there's nothing they can do about it. Having a pack helped Remus accept who he was and it helped Wolf become more tame and less angry. Now that Remus allows him to sort of 'travel' he knows that if he messes up, he'll definitely be caged again in a place like the Shrieking Shack. He wants freedom and will do anything to keep it. He knows that if he had bitten the muggle, his freedom was going to be taken away from him.

Worry not! The next chapter should be better! Hopefully a more happy far its in my head but I should hopefully deliver it soon!

Until next time indeed!!


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