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Review:TenthWeasley says:
All the words I have at my disposal cannot convey the sheer excitement I feel at reading this story again. ♥ I was flicking back through a few of my favorite chapters just the other day, when you were talking about finishing in a burst and updating soon, and that really made me realize how much I had missed this story. It also made me realize how long this story has been a part of my life, and now I am old and sad.

Can I just say that you write a perfect canon Voldemort? Even if the Voldemort we see here isn't the same old man in Hogwarts era, he is exactly the same in mannerisms, and I am just going to sit here in awe for a bit at how good it was. You have perfect measures of condescension and dry humor and disgust and it is just perfect. And Bellatrix, too, how sloppy and slovenly she was over her master -- absolutely fantastic. I love the way you write this group. They're horrible and awful and I want to keep reading about them because for all their traits, they are fascinating.

LOVE that you made Greyback one of Circe's wolves, by the way! And how she died, too; that was a stroke of genius, somehow because it seemed so fitting in a somewhat inexplicable way. This line was one of my favorites:

The scream flickered and faltered at times and grew unexpectedly, the pitch of hell. -- I adore that. "The pitch of hell." ♥ That's such an apt description, and I'm sitting here seething over it because I couldn't have come up with something like that on my own. And another line --

the remainder of a witch who had been supposedly invincible until she met her match in Tom Riddle -- I don't know why I loved this one so much, unless it's to say that it goes with what I was talking about above, with Voldemort. Circe met her match in Voldemort, and she's supposed to be freaking invincible. That's almost terrifying, how truly magnanimous he was at the height of his power. I think a lot of fan fiction writers underwrite that when they write Voldemort, if they do at all, because as readers we know his weaknesses, we know he gets defeated, etc. But at this point in the timeline, he was terrifying, and I'm sure most of his followers (with obvious exceptions like Regulus) thought that there was absolutely no way that he could be stopped. And his killing Circe in this story proves that without needing to explicitly say so.

Gahh. That was such a ramble. I seriously love this story; it makes me think and feel, and my gosh, is it inspiring. This is what I've missed in writing all my own Death Eater-y scenes, having updates from this story to feed my imagination. ♥ So, so glad you updated, and even more glad you finished -- I get two more weeks of fantastic writing before I have to say goodbye to my current favorite story on the archives, and I console myself with that.


Author's Response: My goal for today is to respond to 82 reviews. -takes a deep breath-

CAN I JUST SAY THAT YOU SHOULD'VE SLAPPED SOME SENSE INTO ME MONTHS AGO. Seriously, putting this on hold for /three chapters/. I have face-palmed so many times. I legitimately do not understand myself. Maybe at the time I thought I could drag this out for another twenty chapters. But that feels like beating a dead horse. I want to end it, to give myself some closure. I have missed Lucius and Narcissa so much and it always seems to take seeing Lucius in your chapters to kick inspiration into me.

VOLDEMORT. EEEP. THANK YOU. ♥ He always comes out more easily than I expect him to. I think that maybe I'm a horcrux or something. And lol, only /you/ would want to keep reading about a group of horrible people because you find their traits fascinating. I think we are peas in a pod.

ENTER GREYBACK. He is totes in an awkward situation here, choosing between being burned alive or joining Voldemort. He's now the last remaining tie to the legend of Circe and the big bad wolf. I rather enjoyed making him even more stupid than usual here.

Lucius had been pinned under Circe's iron finger for YEARS, and here is Voldemort killing her so easily that it's effortless. I wanted this to make an impact, because I agree with what you said 100% - Voldemort's power is sometimes underestimated in fanfiction because we know that eventually Harry defeats him. But in those days, he was so terrifying that people couldn't even call him by his name. So I wanted to take someone who was seemingly all-powerful and bring her down to size, to have her disposed of without a second glance. In this story, it marks a new era. Old legends like Circe can't exist with Voldemort hanging around; we all know he doesn't enjoy people with 'the power the vanquish him' being alive and all that.

YOU ARE THE BEST. ♥ You've always been the biggest fan of this story and you're the reason why it's finished at all. I cannot thank you enough. ♥

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