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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Whoever cut him up didn't like him dueling the other person, apparently - the one you ran after, if I'm not mistaken."

- Excuse me while I go wrap myself in a quilt of feels.



That was perfect, Rachel. Seriously. I just - can I just say that I love how unafraid you are to show Severus's uglier sides? The malicious little smile there at the end, and his blinding greed to climb the Death Eater ranks, not really listening to the prophecy he had just heard in his haste to be a hero, is word-for-word a page out of my headcanon. It was everything JKR implied, come to life, and it was so, so satisfying and so, so canon. And I love (and I'm sure this will start to annoy you if it hasn't already, me singing about the wonders of Severus's canon-ness) that even though he is the male romantic lead in this trilogy, opposite a member of the Order of the Phoenix, you do not shy away from what makes Severus Severus. Because Beth doesn't love a saint. He is misjudged, yes, but there is no arguing that Severus can be a nasty little wizard when he wants to be, and Beth is aware of these faults. She loves him anyway. This realism is a huge contributing factor to how compelling their relationship is, how believable. I couldn't root for a false love, a love in which Beth is delusional about who Severus really is, or vice versa. Severus was delusional about Lily, I think, but he isn't so about Beth. They know exactly who each other are, the good bits and the bad. I'm just endlessly appreciative that you don't gloss over the bad bits in favor of making them both look like angels. The brilliance of your writing is that you can make us root for them even when they're at their worst.

Just taking a minute here to bask in your literary powers.

Trelawney, hehehe. Dumbledore! I imagined him with swagger, I do not know why. His little snippet of conversation was perfectly Dumbledore-ish, as expected. And Aberforth - I C U there, Aberforth, being angry about Albus sauntering in at whatever hour pleases him, muttering, and then protecting him by kicking Severus out. He is a complicated person, Aberforth. The way you included him here summed him up perfectly - outwardly belligerent, but loyal at heart.

And because I'm me, I have to remark on Lucius. Keep in mind that this is the Lucius who inspired me to finish a story I pretty much abandoned, between the last Sneth update I read and now. If that does not prove how inspirational you are to me, I don't know what will. LUCIUS, YOU CAN GIVE ME ICY SUSPICIOUS GLARES ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I WILL TAKE THEM. I WILL TAKE THEM SO MUCH THAT IT WILL CONFUSE YOU.

Eeep, this is one of the worst cliff-hangers ever! And by worst, I mean brilliant, of course, but I really, really want to see Severus fly off to relay his new information. I want to see Voldemort's reaction when he first hears of the prophecy, of the approaching person with the power to vanquish him. And I just got goosebumps.




I have been waiting to show you this chapter for a long, long time, and I remember writing it this past summer and I'm pretty sure I channeled you a lot, because you always manage to up the ante for whenever I'm trying to write canon events, and canon events centered around Snape in particular. And that was a long sentence, but basically you are the reason I try so hard on this story. ♥ I guess it's kind of what you mentioned about a self-fulfilling prophecy: You always have such lovely things to say about Snape, and so I take double care when writing about him because I want to do him justice for your sake. I /knew/ you would sense where I was going with this chapter!

I think I was very nervous to post this solely for the reason that this is such a canon-based event, even if we never see it literally unfold, but it's a major hinge on which a huge part of the rest of the story swings, you know? Gahh. I cannot articulate anything tonight. You are fab.

I love Aberforth. He's so nuts (but then, so is Albus) with all his goat stuff. Why do more people not write about Aberforth? More people need to write about Aberforth. And Trelawney. Someone should be writing this down. AND LUCIUS. ♥ He's another person I write into this story basically for you. I don't think he'd be in here nearly as often if it weren't for you and Purgatory. If he shows up later with all-black eyes and translucent skin and pointy teeth, you'll know why. :3

SO THIS RESPONSE KIND OF SUCKS. I blame it on the first real cup of coffee I've had in weeks. ♥ You are amazing, though. You and all your reviews and support. Trufax.

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