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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

I should have been paying closer attention to the dates, but of course I was too giddy thinking about Angelina telling George that she thinks he's hot stuff to lend a fleck of attention to what was happening right under my nose. AGH. VOLDEMORT, YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN SO INCONVENIENT. She wasthisclose to telling him and AGH. Rude! Rude, rude Voldemort!


Lora and Alicia's pseudo-intervention made me laugh. ANGELINA, YOU ARE IN DENIAL. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU. WE WANT TO SEE YOU MACKING ON GEORGE. Snort, isn't this also when Harry and Cho snogged in the RoR? EVERYONE GETS ACTION BUT ANGELINA. I did love Peeves; no one ever includes him in fanfic and you did his wickedness justice here. I also really enjoyed seeing practice-y bits with Dumbledore's Army! I love Dumbledore's Army, it's one of my favorite things. It was inspiring to witness it again (totally makes me want to go and read OotP), and to see Angelina mentally trying to work out what to do. I especially appreciated how she illustrated the differences between Quidditch and dueling; Angelina has the foresight to predict how Quidditch will go, but dueling is so much murkier. You honestly never know what's going to shoot out of the other person's wand, so you've got to be ready for absolutely anything. Her nerves about that, and then the bit where GEORGE MASSAGED HER SHOULDERS, OH MY GOD, I MADE NOISES OUT LOUD, and poor Colin, and ♥ ♥ ♥ Seriously, you are not capable of making a dull chapter. Each and every chapter is loaded with stuff that tells me more and more, that is vital to the story of GeorgeandAngelina even in subtle ways.

I also did a lot of sad smiling because Fred was so alive and vibrant. :( I just want to trap them here in this era so that George and Fred can still be the sneaky boys who brew illegal potions in disused classrooms; but then again I don't, because I like seeing George when he's just George, and how he functions as an individual instead of half of a two-man show. And I like seeing how he copes, how he gets on with Angelina and makes the shop an even bigger success than it ever was. I just have so much love for George, and it's all thanks to you and your extraordinary talent with writing him. You've made me love Angelina, too (and I can see bits of you in her!), and Lora and Alicia. And the most amazing part is that I have different feels for the same characters depending on what age and places they are at in life. Lora-the-perfect-student is different from Lora-who-is-engaged-to-Michael, and yet they're the same, and that goes for all the characters. They're the same, but not. They're perfectly evolved. I just love going around and around, back and forth, and seeing all the differences, and seeing how everything happened.

Georgelina headcanon forever. ♥

Author's Response: TROLOLOLOL~

Your reviews, Sarah. Oh my goodness. This is the /only/ review from chapter 14 that I haven't responded to, but since I posted 15 today I decided that it was time to stop dragging my feet and respond. I never know what to say to you -- your reviews are so kind and supportive and slightly overwhelming. Thank you so, so much for all of them. You are remarkable and it's always exciting to see a new review from you b/c you are one of my favorite authors around here (true story).

I felt so badly for angelina and sort of evil through this whole chapter -- building up her nerves and the readers expectations just to party crash it all down. And yepp. er'one getting action except poor georgelina. Writing the DA meeting was so much fun!! I actually never had included it in my original notes for this chapter (truly, until I revamped my notes very recently I hardly had anything in my notes -- I don't think my subconcious expected me to make it this far into the story), but something you said in a review of the last Angelina chapter (when they all met in the hogshead about forming the DA) sparked my inspiration for this scene. So thank you for that. :P

hehehe. George trying to be sauve and Angelina being too rational to just enjoy him rubbing her shoulders. I love that you mentioned how each chapter subtlely provides more information to the story of GeorgeandAngelina -- sometimes I worry that this story isn't really about anything... just the normal everyday lives of these two characters and how their relationship comes from thank you.

Writing Fred is so bittersweet knowing where it all goes. It's very odd to write him so alive in one chapter and only as a memory in the next. I'm so thrilled that you love george (I do, but I'm a bit biased) -- I've really tried to make him more than just half of a two man comic relief foil. And Angelina... I sometimes feel like I don't have as good of a grasp on her character as I do Georges, but I think that has more to do with the vast difference between being 17 and being 22... a lot changes. You can see me in Angelina?? huh... The evolution of these characters has made me love them all, even the minor ones, so much more than I think I would if I only wrote them in one of these timelines... seeing where they end up, knowing that they're husbands and wives and parents and friends makes writing all their teenaged shenanigans more meaningful to me.

God, sarah... this response so rambly and probably barely sensical and probably like a flashing LOOK AT MY EGO billboard, but your reviews leave me with so many feels and thoughts. Thank you so so much.

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