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Review:TheGoldenKneazle says:

MY DENIAL WILL BE SHOWN THROUGH A 6000-CHARACTER REVIEW. Possibly a little OTT. But hey ho, these are desperate times and I have concussion from this lemon. IT CAN'T JUST END... RIGHT?!?

THIS WAS SUCH A PERFECT ENDING AND SO MUCH CUTENESS BUT I AM STILL MASSIVELY IN DENIAL ABOUT THIS ENDING; What will HPFF do without its routine dose of metaphor?! OMFG IT'S THE ONLY THING KEEPING US AFLOAT. The world is a drizzlier place without Weather for Ducks updates *sobs*

but i am totally and extremely and massively in love with all the parallels and repetitions and everything that made this epilogue like the other epilogue, i just feel like lucy and scorpius' love has been tried and come through the other side with all the trials and tribulations they've been through together - like Rose, and lack of money, and Burns Night (although there was never the Caber-Tossing I had been so psyched up for... or Irn Bru. Can we please have a sober-cause-preggers Irn-Bru-drinking Lucy watching Scorpius be taught the Scots national sport?!)

but yes, all the lovely bus stop and raining and Scorpius confessions and talking about buses and stuff... it made it all so beautiful and Scorpius-Lucy and was just the CUTEST THING EVER. :3 :3 :3 and it was sooo lovely to find out exactly what happened after they got together on that fateful night so long ago because FEELS ~~~

AND THEIR VISION OF THE FUTURE. IT'S JUST THE LOVELIEST THING, and it made me cry more than a bit, BECAUSE IT'S SO PERFECT. The fact that they grew up and were just shaking off the last of the studentiness may or may not have contributed to that sad gloominess and (mild) hysteria...

Scorpius can become a famous comic artist turned teacher turned still-life gardener painter, with his garden peas (is this a second-generation Drapple I see coming on, with Scorpeas instead? OMG fanfanfic with Lucy having sequins thrown over her instead of confetti at the wedding, Mr Andrew Socks carries the rings, Lettuce marries them, and ALL THE WEDDING FOOD IS GARDEN PEA-BASED.)

But getting hitched really cheaply? it's what Lucy wanted all along, right from the beginning where she was wishing they'd gone to get sozzled and hitched in Ibiza :')

I can't help adoring everything they said they were going to do, from the new jobs to garden peas. i hope the kid grows up to be happy and paint-covered and performance-arteestic with belled and sequinned cabers. it would truly be the duck on the pond if that was the case.

Favourite line was quite possibly 'I promise I'll get you a real ring someday,' he said.
'Nah,' I said. 'I like my foil.'
because it's so Scorpius/Lucy and they've been in the foil not the gold for so long, it's like... their thing. They're just scrubby and grubby together. and that's why it's so lush.

and SO MANY METAPHORICAL BUSES ahha i do love how you write Lucy as coming up with so many strange metaphors :')

I still dislike Mary-Susannah so much, but then, I guess that's just the problem with Mary-Sues. I still wish her well, and that Rose will produce tartan-wearing babies soon too.

Ahha it just felt like the "All was well." in DH epilogue; "all was well in New New Elgin". and i got the sense that it was such a bittersweet ending even as you wrote it long ago, although maybe that was just me? :( whatever it was, you ended it as perfectly as possible, and we know that Lucy and Scorpius will be very happy in their life... with Abraxus/Arthur/Narcissa/Audrey (and hopefully more) and Albus will drop in with his crazy wife from time to time and they will attend Scottish evenings with PRose at Albus' big house and Molly and her husband will give Scorpius gardening tips.

Amen, sistah. it's wonderful and you're wonderful and i love it all.

this wasn't quite hitting the 6,000 mark, unfortunately, but i do like to think that my appreciation (aka. love&tears) were shown through the squees and randomness.

THANKYOU FOR STARVING ARTISTS. It will forever be my favourite HPFF series. :')

Over and out :3

Author's Response: your 'no' is so epic it encompasses both letters and numbers w o w

'they said i must write so many lemons, cause i am so bitter' except lemon means something else in the fanfiction universe so oo-er

hpff will continue because, in the words of those great philosophers noah and the whale, l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.

caber tossing at a burns night?!? WHAT EVEN okay this fic is kind of cracky enough to make that work.

don't be ridiculous. scorpius is far too weak to toss a caber. more like tossing the twig for him.

awhh! YES YOU PICKED UP ON THE SCORPEAS AHAHAHA. in the mad 3am land of skype chats we have collected a large list of variations on 'scorpius', one of which includes scorpeas. and yeah they're so poor their wedding food would really be all garden pea-based.

the child grows up to be happy. you know why? THAT CHILD WAS ME okay no but you get the idea.

HMS grubby foil, yeah that's a good ship name. although I think HMS grubby foil would be a bit prone to sinking if it really was made out of grubby foil.

it was pretty bittersweet. I felt I had to make it that way to counterbalance all the OVERWHELMING CLICHE of propsals and sprogs and whatnot.

psst. you want to know? it's Arthur. he grows up to be the pointman in a little film called inception, you've probably never heard of it.

thank you for what is definitely one of the nicest reviews I've had in a very long time ♥ ♥ ♥

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