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Review:GirlOnTheSidelines says:

Okay, so I'm going to be lazy and review just on this chapter because, well... I'm lazy. And I'm very sorry for leaving it this long anyway. Okay...
First of all: I am so glad you are working on this again, I missed Benjamin so much! And yes, I am aware that is kind of creepy. But anyway, this new version has quite a different feel to the other one, Roxanne comes off as more spolit rather than hurt like she did before (I don't know if the whole relationship thing with the twins and the guy whose name begins with A I think but it has completely escaped me, is going to come into this version at all) but it's quite interesting and I look forward to seeing what you do with her. She also seems more innocent which is a bit worrying when Benjamin is around.
I loved the dance off as well, poor Roxanne, being dragged into that one. I like the friendship between Audrey and George (and I love Audrey, but you already know that). Also glad to see George is still being mean to Ron and his spider phobia.
So Benjamin... Isn't he just a naughty boy for creeping into a party without an invite! He is just too damn awesome. And slightly creepy. But yeah. And he is just so cruel to Roxanne, scaring her like that.
So onto this chapter. Loved the flash back of their first meeting, Roxanne is so innocent while Benjamin is already slightly scary. But disappearing off to Italy? Tut tut Mr Malfoy. Poor Rox, she is a tad infatuated with him I think... and I'm curious as to what this scandal is you refer to and why exactly their friendship fell apart... you are just so mysterious, keeping these things from us.
And isn't he just persistent? Trying to get an innocent girl over to his place? And Roxanne AGREED?! Loved Dom as well by the way, with her poor little stutter, I like how you haven't prortrayed all the Weasley grandchildren as completely perfect which sometimes happens. And I love how reluctant she was to leave Roxanne and Benjamin alone again, smart girl that one.
And leaving us with that cliffhanger? You are just mean. Truly mean.
I cannot wait for more (obviously) and I hope you update soon! I love my Benjamin Malfoy. The pervert.

GirlOnTheSidelines x

P.S. You're amazing.
P.P.S. I love Benjamin's hair!
P.P.P.S. You really are amazing.

Author's Response: Hello!

Gasp! What a surprise for me to see this amazingly long review! I was really startled to see it and read through it of course and was so happy that you enjoyed what I did and changed about this!
I missed Benjamin as well, there's something about my creepy Malfoy boy that's actually pretty addictive. This new version does have a different feel to the other one and I did that on purpose because I thought tweaking Roxanne's personality would have alot to do with what I did for it later on. And yes, Roxanne's spoiled. Its actually a major flaw of hers but if Georgie were your dad, I'm sure he'd spoil you too! Hhahaha.
I'm not sure how I'll have the twins (Georgia and Leanne) but I do know that I've changed her relationship with Adam Jordan (That's his name since you forgot along with me. Hahah). You'll just have to wait and see what I do...hehehe.
Roxanne is alot more innocent in this version than she was in the other and I think its more realistic. She's never had to worry about anything or really confront alot of bad things (Ignorance to her race aside of course) so that's actually something I'd wanted to play with. And it doesn't help that Benjamin is around, he's like the devil on your shoulder and he's always trying to get her to do something she shouldn't.
Which might be the appeal of their friendship (?)
The dance off! At first I wasn't sure how to do it but then shrugged it off and its great having Audrey and George being friendly with one another. They'd actually get along pretty all right after they got to know one another but that happens in her own story so you'll have to wait for that. ;)
George is George and he probably put a spider down Ron's robes before the party was over. >:D
Benjamin! He is really naughty for sneaking into a party that he wasn't invited to but he hardly cares does he? He's still creepy, still mysterious and so darn delicious, right?
Benjamin will continue doing bad things to Roxanne, I assure you. Then again, you might not like all of the things he'll do to her. ;)
Second Chapter: Yes, naughty of Mr. Malfoy for vanishing off to Italy for a while right? The why will be hinted at for quite a while before you figure out what really happened. Its not really all that pleasant. But then again, scandals never are, are they?
Roxanne IS infatuated with Benjamin, how could she not be?! But that will come back to bite her later on. And as for him trying to get her over to his house? Well, he has his reasons. >:D
Roxanne is alot more careless in this version of the story as well, which is why she agreed to go with him. Naughty girl! And Dom! She's adorable and I have so many flaws planned out for all of the Weasley kids and you'll see more weirdness, adventures and so on with all of them at some point. I never think anyone as perfect, even if their family is super famous. Actually, that makes me think of them as being rather imperfect in some way. Anyhoo!
The next chapter is all done but I have to wait for A Force of Wills to get up there and after that I have Albus Potter and the Dark Lord's Prince and THEN this. Phew. Please be patient!
Oh, how I adore my Benjamin Malfoy as well. He's like something bad you can't help but want. ;)
p.s: Thanks for reading/coming back!
P.P.S: You're way more awesome, update your stories! >:D
P.P.P.S: You're amazing!
Much love,

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