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Review:Roze Del Imperator says:
Okay. I just read your entire stopping without pausing to review because I was just WAY too impatient to find out what happens. Just to get this out of the way: OH MY FREAKING GOD YOU CAN WRITE! I adored this story. I truly adored it. Your way of storytelling made this seem like an extension of J.K.'s story, (excluding the epilogue in the seventh book) and made everything so much more convincing. The whole plot line was so plausible as a HP story, it barely seemed like fan fiction. The whole thing had me hooked, and right from the start I couldn't stop reading. Your grammar and spelling and such was near flawless, and the way you dropped clues in here and there was just brilliant. I loved the whole thing so much, I cried when it was over because I didn't want it to be the end. You did a very good job making the story something I wanted to read without making it so stereotypical of a Dramonie romance. There was action, adventure, danger, oh, my! I loved it! It was so heart wrenching and touching and funny and serious at all the right moments. I am very impressed with what you did with Draco. So many authors turn him into this misunderstood, heroic character, when in reality, he was a bad guy. He did have a dark past, and held a lot of pain inside. I loved how you were able to show that he was someone with lots of issues and lots of emotions bottled up behind that infamous sneer. Your transformation of him took time, when in a lot of Draco FF, he turns into a good guy overnight. You turned him from bad guy with a dark past to a good guy with a history of heartache and darkness. I loved it. And Hermione...I don't even know where to begin. SO many authors on this site take Hermione and do the same thing as they do with Draco: turn her into someone she's not. They make it so that she's got perfect hair, a perfect body, etc., etc. You didn't do that! :D Good for you! Hermione is not a beauty (I am not saying she is ugly, don't get me wrong) she is a girl with bushy hair and a big brain. Also, I loved your bit about how nobody should be forced to wear purple! :D It shows the feminine side of Hermione, the side that actually cares about how she looks to the opposite gender. It shows that even though she may be a bushy haired know it all, she's still a woman, and she still cares about how she looks, when the occasion calls for it. And you got her personality spot on! It really felt like it was her in the story. Many authors kind of live through her, you know? Putting too much of themselves into Hermione makes her less Hermione-ish. So I think it's awesome that you were able to keep Hermione Hermione. The other characters, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Pansy, Lestrange, you did such a good job fleshing them out as individual characters. Even Teddy, who wasn't a major character, was his own person. Many background characters are easily lost in a story, and you didn't do that at all. All your characters were full people in their own way, thanks to your amazing talent. And Cassius! Oh, where do I begin with Cassius! I have to say, the bit about him being Voldemort's son didn't even occur to me until about three lines above where he tells Hermione who his real father is. I shouted out loud: "NO WAY!!" when I thought about it, and then when the words finally came, I shrieked: "I KNEW IT!" XD Scared my fiance, I can tell you that much. He's used to me behaving like a bit of a nut, though. :) Cassius is a very complex character, and you did an excellent job showing that. All the different plot twists surrounding him and his parentage and his relationship with Natalie, well, it just kept me glued to the computer. And speaking of Natalie, I had to both love and hate her. I feel so bad for her, for her murder and the death of her and Cassius's child. That was one of the most heartwrenching moments in the story, was when Cassius was thinking about the daughter that could have been. T.T This story made me cry so many times! Especially with Eli's death! Eli was by far my favorite character! He was so original and vibrant and wonderful, and I loved him from the instant Hermione first got to know him. I cried all through the last couple of chapters, and wanted to hate you for killing him off. But in a way, it made the ending so much more bittersweet, since he died to bring Narcissa back to her son. That bit with their reunion was perfect, I loved it so much. And she was exactly as I imagined she would be for this story! All your characters were so perfect and wonderful! I could ramble on about them all for ages! Eli, especially. And Pansy! Oh, poor Pansy! In many fanfics, she's depicted as a stupid ugly girl, and I adored your version: a strong, beautiful young woman with a dark past that she must overcome, no matter the odds. Your way of taking J.K.'s original characters and exposing their deepest natures is uncanny, and so perfect! Everything you put together makes it seem so real, like an actual Rowling story! (You wouldn't happen to secretly be J.K. Rowling, would you? :D) Your story is by far, bar none, the best story I have come across on this site, and I am so happy I decided to read it. Thank you so so much for posting this online so I and many others, I'm sure, could have the pleasure and the privilege of taking one more journey with the whole cast of characters in such a convincing setting, Malfoy Manor. (More gushing: Your descriptions of the Manor were absolutely beautiful! I loved it so much, you have a true flair for giving the reader enough information to picture it perfect, but not too much to overwhelm them, a perfect balance that is rare to find these days.) And now, I must go and look at your author's page and see what other delightful stories you have tucked away for discovery. Please, I beg of you, NEVER STOP WRITING FANFICTION. You are an incredible author, and I will be a loyal reader from now on.


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