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Review:Violet Gryfindor says:
Prepare for much rambling because this story has caught me in a thoughtful mood. The structure of this story is fantastic. In fact, the whole story is polished, pristine. It's like you sat there thinking over every word and piece of punctuation so that it would be perfect. Do remember to leave a little talent for the rest of us, okay? :P

What you've done here is very interesting, and I'm still pondering over it. I love the style of this story - it has a beautiful symmetry and design to it, written with great care so that all the pieces perfectly fit together. How the first and last sections balance one another, bringing Severus's thoughts full-circle as he looks back and remembers. The portrayal of memory here is striking and feels very realistic - it's like looking into the Penseive, never letting us forget that Severus is still sitting in the headmaster's chair. Instead of being just another "looking back" story that moves through and "shows" memories in real-time, this story remains rooted in the present-time Snape's head so that we see it all in retrospective, filtered and altered by all the things he's experienced since. It's something I haven't seen in stories like this (it's more usually done with full-flashbacks), and that's why I've fixated upon it. *hides* I love it and I'm suffering from that last sin, just like Snape.

This version of Snape is also of interest. He's softer than I expected, which is quite refreshing - no old grudges or maturities showing through. It feels as though he knows that he's approaching the end, already an old man who thinks over his past again and again - he recognizes the impossibility of changing the past, perhaps the truest sign of having grown up. That second to last paragraph was like a stab to the heart. The thought that hope is the thing which destroyed him. it's time to cue the gross sobbing.

This review is likely on the incoherent side, but know that this story turned out amazingly. I really need to read more of your one-shots because each one I do read leaves me staring open-mouthed at the screen, struggling to put my thoughts and emotions into words. Your writing is brilliant! ^_^

Author's Response: Susan, your reviews are always the hardest to respond to. ♥ If you prepared me for rambling, then you yourself should be doubly prepared! I don't need to leave any talent for you, of course; you've been gifted with heaps of it already.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the style of this. :) It came quite naturally, in the writing of it; I sat down knowing I wanted to write a one-shot, and the idea of the seven deadly sins materialized almost instantly in my head, without any conscious thought. The first and last sections are intended very much as a full-circle effect (that's a rather apt way of putting it!). I've never much liked flashback stories, though a few of my one-shots do include them, and this was intended to be markedly different. I think one of the things I appreciate most about your reviews is the analyzing of such things; you very much seem to see the exact and deliberate way I write, and that's always immensely gratifying to see.

I think the "soft" Snape might come from my intense love of exploring his character. :D This goes along somewhat with 'Infinity' for the precise reasons you elaborate: He can sense his end is pretty much imminent, and must take responsibility for what he has done in the past. Nearly the entire course of his life has been directed by Lily, directly or no; he never lost hope that things might be reconciled, and that, more than anything, brought him to sit in Dumbledore's seat, as headmaster.

Your review isn't incoherent at all; on contrary, you manage to sound just as intelligent in leaving them as you do in your own writing, and that's saying a lot! ♥ It's such a high compliment from you, to see such fantastic words, because you're a writer I myself admire a lot. Thank you so much for being willing to read this, and it makes me so happy that you enjoyed it so much! (And while I'm thinking about it -- thank you SO MUCH for adding me as a favorite author, too!)

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