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Review:water_lily43175 says:
It's so like Rose, to carry on when there is absolutely nothing that she can do, to completely refuse to give up. Even when she's working herself to the bone. It would appear as though pretty much everyone else has now gone down with this illness, which means that Super Six times are coming! This is exciting.

Oh, poor Matthias! I love Rose's worry about him, there's obviously SOMETHING there still. Oh, poor Rose, she's got far too much on her plate. She's PUTTING far too much on her plate. Someone else needs to take control here because she can't, she'll just self-delegate.

"Albus' first, unkind thought was that his best friend was the last person to help in this situation." Albus! Be nice! Though I do see his point; Scorp isn't the most sensitive person when it comes to Rose so would most probably not be the most tactful of people in this situation.

You can tell that Methuselah isn't as well versed at dealing with Rose as Scorpius is. Not that Scorp is anywhere near GOOD at it, but he at least wasn't going to say "We've just been in the Forbidden Forest with a load of Demontors", at least not straight away. What a silly.

Ah, FINALLY, Nat takes control, instead of hiding away like a coward. About time. I kind of forgot about Selena for a moment, given that the last couple of chapters haven't really involved her. Bet she's been hiding away doing her nails. HAHA, she sits in the chair that Methy pulls out. Amazing.

Wow. So Rose, Methy and Selena have to go and check on everybody in their houses, and Al gets a house that he's not even in. How will they know who everyone is? Tough job, that. And poor old Scorp doesn't even get a job. How very sensible of Nat - except, if she HAD given him a job then at least she'd know where he was.

'When Scorpius Malfoy said "I've got an idea", standard procedure was to duck and cover.' Amazing. Oh, he SO cares about Rose right now, even if he doesn't see it. Bless him.

Okay, with this first house elf interaction, I was scared that you'd suddenly forgotten how to write them. I really shouldn't have been, because you clearly got the speech and behaviour and whatnot right in Ren, but so many people get it painfully WRONG that it was just a natural reaction when I came across them talking in first person and wearing clothes here. But then I read on and it makes sense, and oh god I love it. Foreman Harley is amazing. Boots up on the table like Gideon, oh yeah! I like the fact that some house elves still haven't changed; some of them seemed far too stubborn right from the start to embrace something as radical as this. And I had the exact same thought process when Harley called Scorp "pipsqueak". The cheeky little thing! Very good idea of Scorpius' to ask the house elves to help nurse people. Shame that Harley is being painfully awkward! I'd see his point if it wasn't such a heartless one. Intrigued to see where this little issue goes, because I can't imagine you'd have stuck it in otherwise. HMM. Lots going on in this chapter, I like very much!

Author's Response: Rose has her mother's determination and her father's stubbornness and of course she'd work herself to the bone. It's a coping mechanism as much as a means of solving a problem! And yes, there is definitely a Bit More to her and Matty, which will be elaborated on; stupid Doyle worming himself into plot and so forth. Rose MIGHT be able to delegate - but she'd need to basically have a team who'd do things exactly how she would, so that's impossible. And that she can't trust Albus right then for delegation is rather telling, since 'Reliable' is Albus' middle name (well, one of; another is 'Sasquatch').

Al IS being harsh - though what he means isn't just that Scorp will say the wrong thing, it's that Rose gets ratty around Scorpius even if he's not doing anything, so it's BOTH their faults. But yes, Scorpius would have been a bit more diplomatic than Methy. ANYONE would have been more diplomatic than Methuselah Jones!

Professor Nat and Selena should get a bit more screen-time; Selena especially has been neglected. You know how I was struggling in how to present her but I think we're past that. She'll be fun! Albus gets to check Hufflepuff because it makes most sense for someone to check their own house, and with three Slytherins and no Hufflepuffs, send the most reliable Slytherin. 'tis a tough job; they'll have to rely on numbers and any students still conscious enough to answer questions.

Scorpius is definitely more bothered about Rose than he lets on. Glad the House Elves do work! Certainly this is meant to be House Elves a quarter-century on and after a lot of reforms - but yes, not all of them move on. Just as the Malfoy House Elf is at one extreme, Harley is DEFINITELY the other extreme rather than the norm. I did worry I was writing them a little like goblins; I'm meant to be more poking fun at union stereotypes than corporate stereotypes (which goblins embody), but the line gets fuzzy. But I'm glad Harley's enjoyed, he's a hoot to write! This little 'side mission' will be dealt with, no worries. The plot point exists for more than me just beating up Scorp's ego.

I have other plot points for that sole purpose. Thanks for reviewing!

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