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Review:Calypso says:
Hello! CalypsoJenna finally here with your requested review!

I really love the way you get inside of Wolf's head. The sort of physicality with which he thinks makes the writing very intense, and helps to bring across to the reader that whilst he is Lupin, he is an animal as well.

I enjoyed the way this started, with the immediate plunge into action; I was really frightened for the two wizards (were they brothers, or father and son?) who'd strayed into the forest, and thus very glad when the rest of the Maurauders turned up!

The power play between Remus and Sirius is very well done- the way that Sirius is looking out for him but there is still some tension about who's pack leader. Sirius seems very mature in this, very responisble, and very much as the leader of the group, which surprised me a little- I'm not sure why but I'd been expecting it to be James.

The drama and action of the first half seemed very different to the second which was largely character, rather than action driven. I enjoyed Remus' reaction to finding what his friends had done for him, it was actually quite sweet when he realised the truth. The joke-y, chatty bravado that seems to exist between them felt very realistic, and very true to what we see of them in canon. I was glad that Peter got a bit of a voice as well, instead of being overlooked as a useless hanger-on!
The whole thing with the nicknames made me laugh too. What's wrong with the name Moony?! Haha :P

As with the first chapter, I loved the conflict between Remus' wolf self and human self. It's a clever payoff that while to some extent he can influence Wolf, Wolf can also influence him.

And the ending was lovely. I noticed that the way he left the Shrieking Shack was completely different to the way he entered it- with all that happiness and hope. And I really enjoyed the final affirmation that he was no longer alone.

So well done! I really enjoyed this chapter too- it didn't feel like five thousand words at all! If you would like to re-request, you would be more than welcome. I'm sorry it took me so long to get round to reading this!


Author's Response: Heya!

Finally I get to respond. So sorry. Life, being sick, video games...However, I'm here, finally!

Writing from Wolf's POV has become my favorite part, honestly. He's actually the reason why I continued this instead of leaving it to only two chapters. And the two wizards were indeed brothers. I'll look through that moment to make sure that the message comes across.

Honestly, when I wrote this I was a bit unhappy at the whole Sirius/Wolf dynamic. In a way, I concentrated on those two because Wolf considers Sirius an equal canine wise. James is food and Peter is just a lesser being. James is indeed the leader here (only for Peter and Sirius) but they don't want to challenge Wolf's leadership nor his way of thinking. Rather dangerous on their part, really.

I had to raise the rating of the fic because of the F-bomb I dropped. However, I had to do it. There was no way to not show teen angst/anger without a bit of cursing so yeah.Glad you liked the reaction! For some odd reason, getting down to a 15-16 year old male mentality is not that hard for me...hahaha, that doesn't speak well about me! Anyway, thanks to that, I was able to sort of put myself in each of the Marauders shoes and explore what they would say. As for Peter...he's a challenge to write because he's not really a favorite of mine. I have to get past the prejudice I have towards him in order to make him sound like a decent human being. So I'm happy that you liked Peter here and his voice. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with the name Moony...I just don't think that Remus would've liked it right off the bat.

And yes, Remus does leave the Shreaking Shack feeling better...more hopeful about things. He feels like a bit of the worry he carried on his shoulders for years has been taken off him. He can now freely talk about his issues with his best friends so that for him is a light of hope in his very dark tunnel.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reviewing this!


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