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Review:Yoshi_Kitten says:
You know, and I swear to you that I am NOT trying to make up excuses or anything here, but a part of the reason that it has taken me so long to actually sit down and write this review is because I honestly did not even know where to begin at. This chapter literally left me speechless, lol! I mean, there was honestly nothing about this that I didn't like; I loved everything about it, from beginning to end... So I guess I'll just go ahead and read my way thru it again, working my way down as I go this time.

Soo... Ron & Hermione. Again, its so hard to imagine them all so much older, but I feel like you have made the age transition happen so flawlessly. Their relationship is solid, and much how I would imagine it to be sixty years down the road. They're still Ron & Hermione, thru and thru tho, and you nailed their characterization perfectly! The whole entire thing about how advanced the Muggles are becoming was great too! I can just see the Trio, all grown up, sitting out on their porch having lunch on a day like this and conversing about Muggle technology. Bahaha! Ron confused "operation" for "manipulation". Heís so much like his dad, lol. And speaking of Aurthur Weasley, I really liked what all you have done for his character in this as well. I was glad to see that his obsession for Muggles did not die with his even-older age, haha! Cant believe he's going on 100 tho, thatís so cool that he's lived so long. I am genuinely happy for him. :)

I think the fact that you, or shall I say the combined efforts of Hermione and George, have found a way to incorporate some Muggle technology into the Wizarding world with the magical wraps was interesting. I really liked the idea of a Magical Glass that can shield the effect magic has on computers, TV's, cell phones and such. I feel like that'll make the story all the more interesting later on down the road. And the best part is that your way actually makes sense too! Seriously, how do you come up with such super amazing ideas like that?!? And I am also glad that the Weasley family is no longer poor now. With all they've been thru, they deserved a bit of prosperity. And you even found the perfect way to give it to them, I love that! ^_~

The various charities that Harry had started were very touching, especially the Remus Lupin Center. I am so glad that Harry found a useful way to share his fortunes with the world. All of the charity organizations you named off were great, and I felt that having Harry do all of that was very in-touch with his selfless side, and it was very much in character of Harry as well. Also, I like that Hermys is Kreacher's son. That part made me smile as well! And I like how Harry still feels the need to cast muffliato when he wants to speak to his friends in Private. "Old habits die hard." Ain't that about the truth! I wasn't expecting to hear about Percy tho, poor guy. I hope that he is alright... Ron says its a Mid-Life Crisis, but why do I feel like there is more to it that that tho? ;)

Poor Harry, all alone in that big house with nothing else to do but look back on old pictures. I feel SOO BAD for him! It's a good thing that Rose and Octavia showed up when they did. Love that name btw; Octavia is totally a Malfoy-sounding name, haha! Rose seems like such a good mom, and Octavia is just the cutest most rambunctious kid ever. (Loved the Super Mario reference btw, lol!) I guess if I had a "Perfect" little brother like Hugo I'd be a tad bit jealous too tho. I mean, I'm happy for Hugo, and I feel like he deserves to be happy too, but it doesn't really seem like he considers his sisters feelings very much, does he? I can't wait to see more of Teddy's character tho, he was mentioned a few times here, so I am hoping to see more of him.

The Bogart scene was... scary, to say the least. While I like that it gave up some insight to Ginny's death, holy cow! I could not even imagine what I would have done of a Bogart had shown something like that to me. Its no wonder Harry and Rose were frozen in place. Lucky Octavia is so fearless tho, she totally saved the day. I am curious as to where she was when Ginny died tho. Did she witness it as a baby or something? Guess I'll just have to wait and see... Octavia is just so sweet and innocent, as most children are. I really do love her character already. I hope we will be seeing more of her also. :)

And I know the blasted word-Count thing is gonna cut me off soon, so I can't really go into further detail on everything that I'd LIKE to here, but I will say one last thing: You are so superb at capturing characters of ALL ages, and it gives this story so much depth! I already love this so, SO MUCH!!! I can't believe I didn't come across this sooner, haha! =D

Author's Response: Hello, again!

So this chapter is the one where I shovel out the majority of the back story that fills in the gap between "19 years later" and "Harry grieving for Ginny under the willow tree." I'm still not 100% happy with it. Some of the delivery still feels kind of forced to me. But there's information that needs to get out there and this is the chapter where it happens. So I'll have to continue to feel lukewarm about it. :-/

Probably the hardest part of writing this story was trying to make the trio and the other very well-known characters easily recognizable while still aging them in a believable way. I think that sometimes I do well and sometimes not so well, but Ron and Hermione are probably the two that I feel best about. I tried to keep the main dynamic of their relationship -- the way they frustrate each other and yet secretly revel in the frustration -- intact while changing the subject matter that they bicker over. Since this is happening in the mid-2040's, it was inconceivable to me that muggle technology *wouldn't* have advanced considerably. Another key idea that runs through much of the story is this idea of the wizarding world feeling threatened by the relentless advance of muggle technology.

I wish I could take sole credit for the idea of using genie glass to protect muggle electronics from magic, but I can't. That was borrowed from a wonderful story by the illustrious Mrs_Granger that remains one of my favorites on the Archives to this very day. But the concept of building it into a prosperous business was the twist that I brought to the table. Just based on Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, I always felt like Fred and George were destined to be very successful. You'll see more of George's ingenuity as the story rolls on.

Rose and Octavia make things better for Harry for a while, but then things sort of turn on him. The boggart figured out just how to go after the two adults, and created a terrible moment for Harry and Rose.

Octavia is a centerpiece of the story, not to mention one of my favorite recurring characters. She will be around until the very end, as will her Great Uncle Percy. They both play very important roles. Keep an eye on the two of them. As far as where Octavia was and what she was doing when Ginny died... well, you'll find out as the story progresses. ;)

I really enjoyed writing a wide variety of character ages and backgrounds in this story. That kept it very interesting for me. Without it, I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun and I don't think it would have been nearly as good.

The character limit is a pesky thing, huh? Turns out you can hit it on review responses, too. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Until next time...

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