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Review:TenthWeasley says:
I think one of the problems about stocking up all these reviews for this on beyond brilliant story is that I can see now, when they're all laid out in front of me, just how similar my reviews are to one another. I offer you my most heartfelt apologies to that end, and will try and maintain some form of coherency further (although it's kind of hard because I'm literally bouncing off the edge of my seat half the chapter, and have to keep dashing over to my document to scribble down a few more things before I forget them entirely).

ARTHUR. HE IS JUST THE BEST. THE BEST. (Aaand there goes any hope I had of making sense.) Maybe Thaddeus will have a change of heart, dump Cressida, and pursue Molly, and then somebody's got to be there to nurture Arthur's broken heart, and darn it, I will be that somebody. ♥ This is kind of sad -- I've never shipped myself into a fic before. I am enjoying it immensely, though! Oh, his little dance-and-shout routine after she agreed to date him... I was smiling so much, you have no idea. ♥ This story is so great. And he waited for her outside of detention just to walk her back to her dormitory! And spouting off about Muggle things! This is love. Oh my gosh, I cannot remember the last time I have shipped something so hard in my life, unless it's Ron/Hermione (which, let's face it, I am always shipping).

Oh! And another thing it's just occurred to me that I wanted to say to you: I love, love, love how your Arthur and Molly not only retain a lot of their canon characteristics, from their older years, but you can see a lot of their children in them, too. Ginny gets a lot of her independence and lovingly stubborn tendencies from her mother, and I can see so much of Ron's general female cluelessness in his father. I'm so impressed at the way you're not only developing their characteristics in their generation, but for the next one, as well. It really takes skill to do that, and you've pulled it off marvelously!

And (this is kind of not on subject, but it just struck me, as well) I ADORE the names you're giving your OC characters. Sometimes OC names kind of make me gag -- you know what I'm talking about -- but not only are yours so inventive, you've taken a leaf out of JKR's book in naming them. Goodness knows some of those children had funky names, but you've hit just the right shade of unique to make it, yes, canon. I love both Molly's and Arthur's sets of friends; I think they'd all be really great to have around, and seem like fun!

I think you're going to hear this a lot, but I love this story. And really, that's even sort of an understatement. Gah, I can't tell you how much fun I'm having, reading it! Great, great chapter! ♥

Author's Response: I don't think your reviews are very similar! Although I pretty much enjoy any review, so maybe I'm just not picky ;) No need to apologize, honestly! I'm just super happy you left all these reviews.

Arthur is sweet, isn't he? I sort of ship him with myself a bit haha. If Molly ever dumps him, you may have some competition on your hands to try to catch him! A lot of other readers have loved him too, which makes me super happy cause I don't feel like he gets enough credit in most fanfics. Molly either. They're awesome! I loved writing them as teens. Anyway Arthur's Muggle babble is fun - he just can't seem to shut up, even though Molly has no idea what he's talking about and zero interest in it. haha

I did a lot of research, re-read all the books looking just for Molly and Arthur's appearances, before I wrote this story. I wanted them to be accurate, but at the same time this is 30 years before the books, really. And as much as some of our teen writers hate to think it, in a lot of ways you are not the same person at 47 as you were at 17. Your life experiences change you. Having a job, having a marriage, having kids, having adult responsibilities - it alters your perception of the world and yourself. Your personality changes to reflect that. At heart, they have the same core qualities, but they're still different as teenagers, if that makes sense.

Naming the OCs was a lot of fun. I love giving out character names. Sometimes they take more time, and sometimes they jump right out at me. Sometimes they're traditional, sometimes they sound "pureblood", and sometimes they're a bit foreign or wacky. I love names.

Thank you so much for the review!

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