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Review:Jchrissy says:
First of all! Because of you I will be singing "In the Jungle, welcome to jungle, watch it bring to your kn kn kneees" alll day!

Anyway, I have to start by saying that I am not a huge fan of Sirius Remus slash. Not because I don't like slash, because I do! Only because Sirius is my bad boy soul mate. And because of where it would leave Tonks. But this was written beautifully enough for me not to get too jealous that my soul mate was kissing someone else.

This is so full of beautiful lines and imagery that I truly don't know where to start. The picture is incredibly clear and vivid, and just that sense of heartbreak all the way through.. gah. Remus knows it will happen. Maybe it's because he knows Sirius's reckless nature, he knows how sensitive how own heart is... I really can't see Sirius ever opening up about his relationship to anyone, so I'm sure that factors in on the ways Remus and Sirius could tear each other apart.. ahh the possibilities!

At first I was second guessing my positiveness that it was Sirius and Remus. But I assumed it must be because it couldn't be James and Sirius... because you know Lily and James are my OTP and I would have gotten you in big trouble for writing something that involved James breaking Lily by having this relationship behind her back... you're lucky ;). Anyway, when I read the 'Remus, I love you,' line, I did my own little 'I was right' fist pump.

Sometimes you need to simmer. LOVE IT. I. Love. It. Because it's so true! If every encounter was fast and passionate and wild and over, well, that doesn't leave any room for really loving one another. And you made me feel like the wanted room for that in this, it was incredibly beautiful.

I love that you were careful to stay behind the line of trashy. It was absolutely erotic, but it didn't make me feel like I was watching a you know what. I do think you succeeded in keeping it classy. My very favorite part is how well you tied in the emotions to their relationship. What they're doing isn't an act of anger that turns into lust, it's a big mass of feels that explode onto each other because they really do care.

Like I said, this slash pairing is harder for me, but you did it so exquisitely that even my own bias didn't take away from it. And when I read slash, I usually read female (thanks to Amanda I have a new obsession with thinking Daphne and Pansy end up together) so this was a really fun change. Instead of meadows of soft skin, there was scratchy stubble and hard chests.

Honestly Shelby, I think it's time to admit that with your writing style... I think you could write anything and I'd love it. You just have a way to truly turn something into a beautiful piece that I have to be apart of even for just the ten or so minutes it takes me to read it.

Author's Response: Jami! You are killing me, you know that? You are literally just making me go all gushy mushy because you are /so/ sweet to me!

I'm not a fan of slash either - I just wanted to try something new, I suppose - I didn't want to rule out slash in case it turned out to be my kind of thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Sirius! Oh, I do love that man (who cares that he's fictional - ADORE him)!

Oh yes, you know I can't ever write anything happy! And whatever I write, I've got to give the story enough description and imagery to sink the Titanic! I've always said Remus was very intuitive and in-touch with his emotional side, and perhaps other people's, because he's been through such emotional turmoil - it makes him sensitive to that sort of thing.

I would have NEVER done a James/Sirius. Never. James & Lily are meant to be (that means NO Snape/Lily!) - I think there's always a possibility for Remus/Sirius even though Remus isn't gay, as we know. Sirius (as much as we idolize him), well, it isn't certain. Anyway! :D

I'm glad you really got that! Sometimes you've just got to put it on simmer. I think it's definitely true to life!

Oh yeah, I try to stay away from the trashy. Granted, I've always considered writing those trashy romance novels (they're my secret love) - but this deserved something tasteful. And as for emotions in their relationship, that's a big one of me as a writer and personally. I don't care what anyone says, a physical relationship takes some sort of toll on your emotional state of being.

I'm glad this was okay for you! I know it's not easy to read slash - it wasn't easy to write! - but thank you for being so open!

You're too dang sweet to me! It just astounds me that you like my writing so much! I just can't comprehend it! Thank you so much, darling!

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