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Review:Serendipity1234 says:
I love this story! It has gotten a bit depressing lately, what with all the heart break and such, but sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, right?
It was really nice seeing Aria reconnecting with all her friends. None of them should have left her in the first place, but at least it turned out to be more of shock-of-the-moment thing with most of them. Dom...well, she isn't much of a best friend :/ but I suppose I can understand her not wanting to lose the guy she's in love with. Though if she doesn't think they can make it through an argument like that (that's not even between the two of them) then I doubt it would take much to split them up.
Albus and Louis are adorable (I'm definitely going to read your other story -I love him as a character.)
James is kind of dumb. But so is Aria in some ways. I can understand them not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, but isn't it about time they realize its best to be honest? Aria just stands there, mute and dumb as a rock, while Jett opens up and shares his feelings. She doesn't even have the curtesy to tell him her own. After everything she put him through, she's now going to lead him on? Won't that just make it worse? It's not like she has to tell him she loves anyone else, but she can at least say that her feelings have changed. That she doesn't feel as strongly for him as he does for her, that she's not on the road to falling in love with him, but on the road to strictly platonic feelings.
In this case her feelings changed because of another person, but a lot of the time people's feelings change just because of time. It just happens. It would be more honest of her to tell him she wants to be friends and nicer because then he /could/ maybe move on and find someone else. It might actually help him with his relationship issues to have a relationship end well so that he doesn't have to fear them all ending badly.
I don't know how she's ever going to be able to be with James without hurting Jett, especially if he doesn't start seeing someone else first.
And James is a jerk for blowing her off because he can't control himself. As sweet as it is that he loves her so much, the boy needs to get a grip. How will life be any better for either of them if they just avoid each other? And what's up with the passive-agressive shots at Aria? He could've asked anyone else to Hogsmeade and he asks the one girl that made her cry. Jerk move. Then whenever something happens that hurts his feelings, he tries his hardest to hurt her back. I know misery loves company, but aren't you supposed to protect the ones you love from getting hurt? Why does he always have to get her back?
I guess that's not completely fair because he's maybe trying to get her to stop hurting him. And maybe he chose Grace because he didn't want to lead anyone else on and get anyone nice mixed up in their situation. It's just frustrating because they can all be so easily manipulated since they have such high strung emotions.
Which brings me to Alex. He makes a lot more sense now that you've explained where his hostility comes from. I like that he's not just a pure evil kind of villain. He's complex and he also has the potential to become good. I wonder if we'll ever see him become good?
Even though I sometimes hate how Aria and James handle things, I still love them both. They're absolutely adorable together and James is the sweetest thing, always getting mad for her and protecting her. I loved the scene in the captain's room. It's now one of my favorites up there with the scene in the library-lookout-hideaway-place. I'm glad Aria loves him too now :) I can't wait to see what they're like once they're finally treating each other right all the time ♥♥♥
Update soon :)

Author's Response: I am finally getting around to answering this! I wasn't ignoring you, I promise! I've just been super busy -_-
Thank you! Yeah, I know, things haven't been happy-fluffy-goodness recently. But things will be changing. Soon. Hint-hint-wink-wink.
I agree - good friends don't just leave when something happens, no matter how bad it looks. But it was definitely much more a "shock" of the moment thing than anything else. Still, though, it's not an excuse. And you're right on about Dom. She's very insecure about her relationship, even if she likes to pretend that she isn't. She just doesn't want to risk it.
James and Aria are both dumb. Let us all agree on the fact. To anyone with a normal head on their shoulders, it would indeed appear that the time has come to just own up and be honest. Keeping secrets can be even more hurtful than just spilling the truth. And you're right, Aria didn't have to tell Jett everything, just that she doesn't feel the same way anymore. Time changes people and there's nothing wrong with that. But she's so... screwed up in the head right now that she isn't thinking clearly. She's thinking about the present and not the consequences down the road.
James has been a jerk lately, and I won't say it's justified (because it's not), but he does kind of have a reason to be upset. I will defend him, though, and say that he didn't mean to take a passive-agressive shot at her by asking Grace to Hogsmeade, although he did realize after the fact that literally any other girl would have been better. She was just /there/ and offered, and he was hurt and trying to move on. So that's that.
Alex may actually be my favorite character. Not because I /like/ him or anything, but because he's interesting. I really like thinking on the nature of good and bad and villains and heroes and such. Lots of food for thought in there. While writing him, I often have Two-Face from The Dark Knight in mind. Random, maybe, but applicable.
Haha, I know exactly what you mean. They're frustrating and crazy but I can't help but love them together. There's something that just clicks.
Thank you so much for the review! It's so long and lovely and just gah ♥

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