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Review:Aphoride says:
Hahaha, I knew it! I knew she'd cave and go to lunch with his grandmother! Yes! Ahem, I mean... I was somewhat surprised at the outcome, but I had a suspicion it might happen. Or something like that anyway.

Honestly, I don't think the talking was all that boring. It was addressing the first mini-subplot in the story (Rose meeting his grandparents), reminding us of the main conflict (her being in the DCB and him being a Healer) and giving us an insight into her work, her cousins and her character as well, when Albus makes that speech about how it's always Scorpius who adjusts for Rose. It was good information and you piled it in without making it stick out or seem clumsy and a bit like an information overload. It was all eased in very naturally and simply, which I liked.

Again, like with last chapter, I like the way you're building up the tension, like this is the calm before the storm, and then eventually it will all explode when she gets her first/second/third assignment. I like the slower pace of it because it sort of reflects her life at the moment. She's being more reflective and introspective and thinking about things more, while she waits for a 'proper' assignment, you know? It's going to make the change to the 'real' work so much more dramatic and give it a bigger impact.

Rose and Scorpius are still so lovely and so well developed. There wasn't much of Scorpius in this one, so I can't and won't really talk much about him but I love your Rose more and more I read about her. She's such a combination of her parents and she very obviously has both good traits and bad traits and they show. She's a very real character, as though she could be someone walking and talking along the streets, you know, and I love it so much whenever I read characters like that, particularly ones where we don't really know their personalities, like the Next Gen kids.

The cousins were amazing, too. Albus is such a good character - so unique in the way he has so many issues, he's talented, he gets a harder lot at work because he's his father's son but he doesn't complain too much about it (at least, it doesn't seem like he does so far) and I can already feel Albus/Bridget subplots ticking away in the background. Lucy was lovely too - perfectly mysterious, an interesting choice of job and she reminds me a little of Luna and Dumbledore with the way that she gives advice which sounds great but no one really understands what she means. She definitely isn't blunt, that's for sure! I also like how while you have the same Albus/Rose/Scorpius trio, Lucy is Rose's, effectively, best female friend. She's an underused Next Gen character so I like that you've given her some time to shine.

Also, your James cooks! He sounds more and more wonderful, and less and less like the normal stereotypical blend of James Potter I and Sirius Black that people make him.

I really hope you put the chapter where Rose meets Narcissa up soon - I'm really looking forward to that scene! It's either going to go much better than Rose expects or it's going to go very badly. And I want to know which one it's going to be. How do you manage to put in cliffhangers without actually doing it? It's annoyingly impressive :P

Again, I really enjoyed it. It's so well developed and so interesting... so real.

Aph xx

Author's Response: I'm so flattered that you like Rose more and more as you go through the story. I definitely tried to make her come across as a real person, rather than someone who's clearly between the pages of a book.

Or a computer screen.

You know what I mean.

I'm also really glad that you like Albus and Lucy. You seem to have a pretty good measure of Albus - he tends not to complain, at least not about that sort of thing, and he definitely has a good work ethic. (He was almost a Hufflepuff in my headcanon, haha.) I'd never thought about Lucy giving advice in the same way as Luna or Dumbledore, but now that you mention it, I can definitely see it, and I love the comparison.

And yeah, I definitely wanted to avoid James just being James/Sirius II (if that notation makes sense). I do think of him as being a little crazy and daredevily, but at the same time, I see him as having a much more sensitive side than we ever saw of James or Sirius, you know?

Oh, headcanon.

I'm sorry my cliffhangers are annoying! I never used to do them, and then I realised that I remembered stories with cliffhanger chapter endings more, and so I started doing them. :P

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