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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Firstly, congrats over and over again for finishing In The Red. I have so much admiration for you - you set out to do something and oh, my, do you do it. Two novels about Beth Bridger under your belt. You should be very, very proud. ♥

Breathing a HUGE sigh of relief that Sirius is putting himself back together. I'm so glad that James made him see sense, even though it's got to be mortifying to look back at yourself and see that kind of behavior. Apologizing to people is the worst. Always so embarrassing.

CAMEO. CAMEOOO. ♥ :D :D :D Who is that tall man Sarah Wright was sitting with. I must know. Does he sell magical insurance. No, wait - he models for Gladrags. Yes. That must be it.

Hurrah, another slap in the face for Sirius Black! The last thing in the world he should have been doing was drown his sorrows in alcohol, which serves as a depressant. I feel like when he walked out of that pub, his head was screwed on just a little bit tighter. I have a lot of hope for him that he'll fix his mistakes and be there for Beth when she needs him. And he needs her, too; he just hasn't understood until now, I think, exactly which way he needs her. She can't be his Lily and he can't be her James.

Sneth 5ever~

I really do hope that he finds someone, but I have no idea what you have in store for him. We don't know of any canon love interests, and we know that their futures are all about to get a lot darker, scarier, and more gruesome, so I doubt he'll have time to really accomplish the kind of history with someone that Beth has already established with Severus. This makes me appreciate In The Black that much more, because we need that back-story. Beth needs that back-story to justify why she is risking so much. Without that book, I don't think Beth would dive into a dangerous relationship with Severus at this point in her life. But she's had those years invested in this, and he is just as keen as she is to make it work no matter what, which is so, so beautiful. I really love them together, what they're willing to do, how far they're willing to go and what they're willing to overlook to find the middle ground they desperately need. It feels like they have to run across very vast distances to meet each other even when they're physically kind of close (I am probably not making much sense), because their worlds are so divided.

Rambling like a boss here.

I want for Beth to be able to openly talk about Severus with them. They're supposed to be her best friends, after all. BUT WAIT. I TAKE THAT BACK. I DON'T WANT PETER TO KNOW STUFF. Dirty little Peter.


Oh my goodness, fifteen more weeks until Breaking Even. I love that I'm going to have plenty of Sneth to read while you're working on your Breaking Even backlog, but I'm also silently cursing because you'll drop all sorts of hints about plotty things in skype and I won't get a sniff of any of it until you start posting, which IS LIKE LIGHTYEARS AWAY.


I can't wait to see how Beth is coping (I hope she's all right. :( Poor thing.) And I am INTENSELY curious about how Severus is doing. Mostly I want to see Beth and Severus run away together on a cruise liner, after Sirius apologizes and falls in love with someone awesome so that he doesn't have to feel lonely anymore.

Lonely Sirius makes me so sad. :( And what he said about Beth trying to fill up her own loneliness made me doubly sad. I'm glad he's starting to understand that just because they're both lonely doesn't make them perfectly compatible. He was ready to settle but she is not. She's had her eye on that Severus for years and gosh darn it, she is going to keep him now that she's just about got him. I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT, NO MATTER WHAT PLOTTY OBSTACLES YOU HAVE IN STORE.


So many feels. P.S. You made me miss Hogwarts, with the "bit of then", and I didn't even go there. (She doesn't even go here!) I just really, really want to board the Hogwarts Express and go learn some Herbology.

Author's Response: The first paragraph of this review makes me cry still, even though it's been, like, a week. ♥ I say it time and again, but your support means absolute loads to me. I'm just so, so enthused that you enjoy what I write /that/ much. :)

I think this chapter -- or really, the last one -- is Sirius hitting his very lowest point in the course of this story, and it is kind of nice to have him picking up the pieces of something he himself broke. His head was definitely screwed on a bit tighter, which is kind of ironic, since he was walking out of a pub, but Sirius Black does nothing one way, does he?

(That tall man can totally be a Gladrags model. He gets a million Galleons a month and has purple orbs and has three first names, because that is a sign of aristocracy, yo.)

Lonely Sirius makes me sad, too... but it is a necessary sad, which somehow makes it all the worse. :( I have said before that this story is, as far as I can make it -- and as long as I don't screw up in the process -- canon except for where Beth has left her mark, so I really don't think we'll be seeing any more love interests for Sirius in this story. Not real ones, anyway, though I'm not above putting in a mention of a fling or something. :D I think that, for all the depressing aspects of his loneliness, it somehow makes up who Sirius is as a character. I do think that, after James married Lily, he got a bit lost. He didn't know who to be after that, because JamesandSirius had shaped so much of Sirius individually. Does that make sense? (Sometimes answering reviews makes me feel like I'm standing on an old orange crate, screaming at a brick wall, and passersby are simultaneously trying to see what I'm raging about and speeding up to get past me as quickly as possible.)

Beth and Sirius's Caribbean cruise is in the next chapter! Did you peek?! But I don't think you have to worry too much about her; Beth's quite tough. ;) SARAH HAS SPOKEN; SNETH WILL BE A MANIFESTED THING SOMEDAY.

Gahh. This was a horrible response. More brick wall-talking, is all it feels like. ♥ Thank you so, so, so much for your review, though, as always. You really are the best. :)

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