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Review:manno_malfoy says:
OH YAY! Look, more plot! And they all explore things we just heard about in the books, so it's extremely exciting! And it took me weeks to get here so I feel horrible.

The opening scene to your chapter is kind of different this time. There aren't these foreboding descriptions; you're jumping right into what's happening and I think it goes well with the thrill that accompanies Quidditch. And, oh my God, Amanda! Lily's starting to notice James but is fighting herself like any sensible girl would. Let's hope she stays sensible long enough...?

I think the events flowed well in this chapter. You included many things that we know will lead to bigger things in the future very naturally and without making the chapter feel as though it has been purposefully 'stuffed' with events and information.

And I honestly cannot be any happier to back among the Black family! I don't think they were this entertaining in the beginning and I think this has to do with how we know them a little better now. I absolutely loved the part where Regulus couldn't decide which felt more like home to him, Grimmauld Place or Hogwarts. It makes a wonderful contrast to Sirius's determination to leave the house for good and that all that accounts for this difference is the parent's treatment.

I think the scene between Sirius and Regulus in this chapter deserves a prize! The fact that you even thought about having Sirius needing to go back and pack his things... Anyway! I think it's wonderful you let Regulus know about Sirius wanting to leave. It makes me think about how much harder it'll have to be for Regulus to hold up his end of the deal while knowing how little Sirius wants to have to do with the family. I wonder if Regulus will start to feel responsible for changing Sirius's mind and try to do something about it. What I really don't understand, though, is how you can make me excited about knowing details of events that I already know the way they'll end.

You know, when Sirius was criticising Regulus for being friends with Severus and Regulus was like, 'What's wrong with Severus?', I really wanted to throw something at Sirius and ask him what's wrong with Severus too. Because it's sad how the poor bloke has spent his entire life misjudged and misunderstood. Until the moment he died. I don't think anyone's life could have been more morbid.

And what I loved is how you tried to rectify one of those things that we misunderstood about Severus. We only heard about the Whomping Willow incident from Remus and Sirius in the books and they made it sound like Severus just wanted to know because he hated them and wanted to have something to hold against them. But he only did it for Lily's welfare! He just wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to get hurt! You have no idea how this makes me feel. I just want to cry thinking about it. The closing line kind of makes me want to cry too.

So anyway, I honestly cannot wait for the next chapter because I really don't know what else you may have in store! And I'm sorry for taking ages to leave you the review!


Author's Response: I just realized that I hadn't yet responded to this before re-requesting. I'm so sorry! On it now!

I'm glad the flow here was okay, and that you didn't feel like this chapter was just filler. I do kind of have a tendency to start out with description, to kind of set the scene, and I wanted to start this one off by just dropping the reader right there into the action. It's great that you liked the shift in that respect!

Writing the brotherly relationship between Sirius and Regulus is so depressing at times, and yet it's so interesting to me, too. I do think that Sirius leaving will mark a turning point of some magnitude with Regulus in terms of him holding up his end of the deal. I think fairly soon, both he and Lily will start to fully realize how difficult this arrangement is, and how severe the consequences could be.

This is a matter of some controversy, but I see a lot of similarities between Severus and Sirius, more so than I'm sure either of them would ever acknowledge. Both come from unhappy homes, both find solace at Hogwarts, and both end up finding a cause to devote themselves to. I find their dynamic intriguing.

You'll read more about that incident in the next chapter :) I hope it doesn't make you too sad, but I might have a couple tissues around just in case... haha. Thanks so much for this wonderful review, and I apologize for the wait!


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