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Review:CambAngst says:

So I have been meaning to check out this story for the longest time. Everyone raves about it and about you as an author. To some extent, I avoided reading anything about it because I wanted to come into it completely fresh. So far, I'm really glad I gave myself the opportunity!

You have an amazing knack for blending sensory details in counter-intuitive but very meaningful ways. I'm talking about the way that you sort of freely mix sight, sound, smell and sensation when you describe scenes and events. It's a pretty amazing technique, and I felt instantly envious of it. It allows you to utilize extra dimensions when you paint the settings and events, and also makes it so that you pretty much never run out of adjectives.

The premise of this story -- at least what I think it is -- is unlike anything else I've ever seen in HP fan fic. I'm going to guess just a bit, but it seems to me as though all the "good" characters end up in Cliodna's Clock (a brilliant name for a town, by the way) and the "bad" ones end up in Grotta? The nearest thing to the concept that even comes to mind is a pretty amazing Star Wars fan fic called Emperor's End by Brendon Wahlberg.

Some of the ideas you're throwing out so far seem like total winners. Cedric Diggory playing Quidditch with Sirius Black (and getting mad because he cheats). Phineas Nigellus Black sort of transitioning back and forth between this afterlife and his portrait existence. And now Fred and Colin arriving to discover their new reality. You've set a magnificent table. I am really intrigued to see where you take this.

As I said at the outset, your writing to magnificent. Rich, textured, eloquent, and nuanced. You do a terrific job of working important information into the flow of the plot instead of piling on a lot of awkward exposition. I'm still so blown away by the way you mix up your descriptive adjectives that I have a hard time putting it into words. You are a fantastic writer.

I'll cut myself off before I gush any more. This is a terrific beginning and I'm eager to read more. And I shall!

Author's Response: Hi!

Egahh, that really terrifies me, to be honest. I know from experience that after hearing about a certain story over and over again, my expectations reach an impossible point. I get nervous whenever I hear someone talking about Run because I worry that when others try it, they'll think it's overrated.

Sensory blending is pretty deeply ingrained in my writing habits, and I haven't fully realized this until you pointed it out! But it's definitely true, now that I reflect on it. Sometimes a sound could be better described by a taste, and vice versa. I mix colors in just about everything, too. I get this weird mindset that if I don't replicate exactly what I see in my head word for word on-screen, the result won't be as vivid as I want it to be - so I stop frequently to paint descriptions so that readers know precisely what I want them to see.

The Grotta and Cliodna's Clock acquire their residents in ways that are dangerously subjective, which is something you will find out more about much later. It's not divided evenly between good and bad, I think, but that's being attempted here by the person deciding who goes where.

The premise! I always feel like I'm misleading people because I take, like, twelve characters to lead into the Devil's Duel, which is the bulk of what is advertised about this story. Originally the Devil's Duel took up most of the focal attention, but underlying plot points started snowballing; by the end, there is a lot more going on than just the tournament. I'd like to think there's a little bit of something in this story for everyone, so I really, really hope you enjoy this!

I feel so bad for Cedric. He's been waiting a very long time to have real friends again.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me such wonderful reviews! You of course do not have to review at all, and I'm very appreciative that you took the time to do so. If I'm slow at responding, it's because I very stupidly decided to take a break on review responding for two weeks and the result of doing so killed me. My backlog is so scary now, I think it's started to grow teeth.

Again, thank you!!!

- Sarah

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