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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Hooray, a mission!! I'm so glad Ron's going to be able to stretch his legs a bit, focus his scattered mind on some sort of tangible goal. I'm curious about this whole Death Eaters deciding to venture into London thing, and I wonder what would happen if Muggles were to witness magic and spread the word before the Order could contain it. Deciding to branch out into the Muggle world, though, definitely seems like the next step Voldemort would have taken. That was always at the top of their to-do list: showing the Muggles who was better, ruling over them like a king. Now you've got me wondering all sorts of things - does Voldemort have visions beyond Europe? Are Death Eaters stationed in other countries? Is Voldemort going to let himself be seen now because he won and he thinks he's invincible, or will he recognize his budding weakness and stay behind the scenes? I'm so eager to see what happens!

The characterization was brilliant, as always. I felt so horrible for George, who is clearly grieving privately, and loved Seamus. He added some much-needed comic relief, eternally enthusiastic in the midst of such darkness, such heaviness. His thumbs-up to Ron made me smile. :)

Baww, no one invited Percy to participate in the mission. Poor Percy, fiddling with his sleeves, not saying anything. WAIT A MINUTE, IS HE SECRETLY A DEATH EATER. I AM SUSPICIOUS OF HIS SILENCE. Okay, probably getting ahead of myself. (Maybe Percy and Draco are communicating telepathically through their Dark Marks, and that's why Percy keeps picking at his sleeves. His mark is burning.)

I do feel bad for Molly, who's lost enough people in her life already without having to risk more (it keeps occurring to me that you could kill off even more characters and I am pretty much terrified), but I'm glad McGonagall made her shut up. The last thing the Order needs is for her to yell at them and make them feel guilty when they need to start making progress with the resistance. This reminds me a lot of Ron, Harry (creyy, Harry D:), and Hermione in DH when they were holed up in Grimmauld Place going over plans again and again until they finally just went for it. There's only so far you can plan until you have to do something. This is one of those rare times when loving someone too much, like Molly does, becomes a liability. It gives you reservations.

Can I please see Ron punch Draco in the face. Just once. Or not even punch him, but spit in his food or something. Also I am vaguely surprised he hasn't folded by now and pressed his Dark Mark. Do the Dark Marks even work now that Voldemort is - whatever is happening to him? HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET INTO LONDON UNDETECTED? Because the Death Eaters are all up in the ministry and they are probs on the lookout for known Order members flooing or apparating. Or maybe not apparating. What about Voldemort, can people say that now? Why am I asking that. Voldemort thinks he's victorious, he wouldn't care about the taboo anymore. I feel like you must have covered some of these things but I cannot seem to remember. This must be what happens when I read fic early in the morning (11 o' clock is v. early, obvs).

I ask too many questions.

-slinks away-

Author's Response: I've just now realized that I've got THREE REVIEWS to respond to from you, and so I might as well head on over and tackle this one, eh? You are too good to me. ♥

I've for some reason never doubted the plausibility of the Death Eaters making London their next plan of attack; it just seems logical to me that, with Hogwarts secured, they'd expand onto something they were basically already doing. The upcoming mission's more of an information-gathering trip, just to see what the Death Eaters are up to, but I'm really excited for you to see it nonetheless. :)

Seamus! He is too often overlooked in fan fiction, although he does become a bit of a nuisance in chapter nine. :3 And baww, poor Percy -- he is definitely not a Death Eater. I've actually got a bit of a step-up moment planned for him later, if I ever get to writing it (just realized I haven't written in a week, oh my gosh), and that'll be fun. I JUST WANT TO WRITE ALL THE CHAPTERS OF THIS STORY AND SHIP THEM OUT TO YOU, OKAY? OKAY.

I didn't even register how sad it was, you mentioning Harry, until you put that little bit in parentheses. :( For all Molly wants her family to do the right thing, though -- well, her whole family, her whole existence is tied up in a war that looks grim at best, at the moment. I love the thing about said about loving becoming a liability, because that is /perfectly/ articulated. I really love that.

Ron should so punch Draco in the face. Not going to lie... I really want to write that now. We'll see! :D I have a way for the group to remain low-key, and now all I want to do is post that chapter and hope it lives up to your expectations, and you're still a chapter away from that. Timeee. D:

You can never ask too many questions. ♥ I welcome them all! I love you -- thank you so much for this review!!

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