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Review:Remus says:
Perelandra here from the review swap! :)

I HAD to read this. HAD TO! I've always been curious of a Petunia and Lily confrontation myself so this felt like the ONE I needed to read. Just so you know, I'll be reviewing this as I read along.

I definitely like how you paint Petunia here. She's afraid of the choice she made and knows very well that it really wasn't an accident. However, what it feels like for me is that she's afraid of Lily's wrath more than anything else. Petunia had walls up built by jealousy and that wall prevented her to look and love Harry as her sister's son. Looking back, Harry was the constant reminder of what she didn't have.

Ah remorse! Glad that she admits that she was horrible to Harry! I never thought of her as evil...just an angry woman that took out her feelings about life on an innocent person.

"I don't understand why that's always had such a different meaning for me than it did for you,"--that line right there made me cringe for Petunia.

You just totally made me tear up! What is it with authors giving me stories that just made me cry? Haha! That part where Petunia tells Lily about Harry kissing her or that he needed was like a stab at the heart.

You seemed to have channel an angry Lily very well. Everything that she says to Petunia are like rocks and it makes me feel slightly bad for Petunia. It's like a train wreck that you can't look away. I'm glad that Lily didn't forgive her! I wouldn't have! What Petunia did to Harry was cruel and unforgivable.

"And then she told the biggest lie she ever had.

'I don't need her. I never wanted a freak for a sister anyways."

I can't help but to love and hate that line all at the same time! She just can't help it,can she? But then again, its only to make herself feel better about the whole situation...

Anyway! I absolutely LOVED this! Like I said, it was like a trainwreck and I couldn't look away. Cheering for Lily all the way but feeling slightly bad for Petunia. You managed to move the story with mostly dialogue and very little description which for me would be a 'bad' thing but it felt right here. There wasn't much to describe save for how Petunia was feeling at some point. It was what Lily was pointing out what was important and not the setting or imagery. When it comes to characterization, both sisters felt spot on. Even James from afar made me giggle a bit. Haha. However, I'm glad that even he was angry enough to wish to test the killing theory.

Anyway! Long review but I had to tell you everything I thought about it. Definitely a 10/10! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review :)

I had to write it. It was literally a compulsion. I hadn't written in over 3 years but the more I tried to keep it in my head the worse things got. I didn't sleep well for days and I couldn't concentrate on anything else. Finally I caved and since then I haven't been able to stop :P

While what Petunia did to Harry may have been a mistake, it definitely wasn't an accident. One doesn't neglect a small child for years by accident. And she definitely fears Lily most at this point. She loves her sister and missed her over the years. She has to know, however, that their reunion isn't going to be one where they hug and act like it all never happened. Too much has happened. And you're exactly right. Harry was definitely a reminder for Petunia of everything she had always been jealous of.

Honestly, my opinion of Petunia changes day by day. And as much as I honestly wasn't liking her the day I wrote this, I too don't think she's evil. I think she's jealous and petty and misguided, but not evil.

I love that line, I don't know why :)

To me, this whole one shot is a stab in the heart. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for all of them (Petunia included) during Harry's toddler years.

I'm glad you liked my angry Lily! I tried to make their conversation as believable as possible. A lot of people seem to be glad that Lily didn't forgive Petunia. I just couldn't see how it would be plausible that she did.

She can't help it, no. It was the only way she could piece herself back together after the heartbreak she just endured. Fake it til you make it.

It is a train wreck, isn't it? That seems like the perfect way to describe this whole scenario.

This one shot is really dialogue heavy, which is unusual for me. I have one that literally only has 3 sentences of dialogue! I'm glad it came across okay though even without a lot of description.

I couldn't write a whole one shot about Lily without including James :) They're my OTP and I absolutely had to stick him in there.

I loved this long review! Thanks so much!


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