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Review:starryskies55 says:
WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR? Oh, my last review, full of hopeful promise and feels, and then you tear it up and throw the pieces to the wind. I'm not very happy any more. I didn't think she would actually say yes, but I didn't think he was going to muck that up so monumentally. I mean, seriously? The one subject that could bring their tentative friendship crashing down- sure, that's the one he'll pick to talk to her with.

Lily was a bit weird in this chapter though. Her anger /was/ hypocritical, and she said about not really being able to talk to James because 'their past' was in the way, but then she said she really would miss being able to talk to him. I was all, 'wha?'
But lordy, that line at the end with poetic licence: oh, I loved it. I really did. It was truly majestic.

And James, James, James. You are a complete moron. After that lovely demonstration of how not to ask someone out, you display a chronic case of foot-in-mouth. I didn't even think it was that possible to be /that/ bad. However, you are so adorable. Your heart is in the right place, even if you are a bit of an idiot. The idea that Lily not saying 'no' had sustained you for seven years is beautifully hopelessly romantic. But you are a fool. But I love you. I want a James of my very own!

(side note about Mary/Remus: STOP LEADING HER ON. Clearly he likes her, and if Remus thinks his furry little problem is going to get in the way, (which it doesn't HAVE to) then he shouldn't lead her on. The lets-turn-Mary-into-a-lioness plan isn't working so far, and Remus breaking her heart won't help! Do you hear me, Remus? Bah, boys. Although, Lily getting jealous. oh, that was amazing. :D a great touch. And I think that if James showed her the secret passages, she'd report them. So, :P)

Anyway. I expect this all to be cleared up and beautiful in the next chapter. *snorts* unlikely, but I can hope, eh?

Fantastic, (but gr)

- Jenny

Author's Response: *cowers* I know, I'm sorry! If it makes you feel any better, it always kind of guts me to think about this part, too. But I also feel like it was necessary for them to acknowledge their messy history before they could really be together. I think they could only go on ignoring it for so long before it would inevitably rear its ugly head. Anyway, I'm rambling. :P

James, like many humans of the male variety, is not exactly the most tactful. This, however, is probably one of his worse moments in that department. Unfortunate coincidence, that. He really does mean well, and he's so hopeful, but I always feel like one of his main flaws is that he's a bit thoughtless when it comes to other people's feelings (hence the teasing of Snape and other students, and then the fact that he caused such a mess here).

I think Lily is supposed to be a bit weird here--I always like to write arguments where someone could read it and be mad at both characters. I think maybe the stuff you're talking about could be clarified more, though, because I don't want it to be TOO confusing. My intention was mainly to say that she thought they couldn't ever really be true friends because of their history--not really that they couldn't talk to each other because of it. And she kind of goes there in the heat of the moment, hence the later regret of losing him as a friend. It's actually very roundabout, now that I try to explain it. Basically, Lily is irrational in this chapter. I don't think what she's saying is supposed to make sense, although I did read that part over and I thought it could use a few edits. :P

Poor Remus and Mary. Honestly. I think Remus is enjoying the feeling of being liked, but as you pointed out, that's kind of unfair to Mary. It may just be that she gains something out of this whole situation in the end, though. ;)

*adopts innocent look* Oh, yes, everything will be perfect next chapter. *sees Jenny isn't buying it* All right, maybe not. But I guess the good thing about James/Lily stories is that you know it'll get cleared up in the end, right? :P

Thank you again!

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