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Review:starryskies55 says:

The feels in this chapter have officially killed me. James and Lily- OH GOSH. Although, it's early days yet and I fully agree with Sirius' hilarious comment: "We get it. Evans is treating you like a normal human being, so she must be in love with you." - don't walk before you can run, Jamesie. I love that he was trying so hard to be nice to her with Filch -in fact, he was perfectly lovely- and then he made sure he didn't creepily stare at Lily while in the Three Broomsticks, and then he went to save her! *flails* Lily was in a little over her head, and while her intentions were good, I was mentally trying to speed up James' appearance there. And trademark attack of Snape... nicely done. :P

It was also super interesting to hear about all the conflict in the Department for Law Enforcement- I suppose the internal mess helps the Death Eaters become worse, as it's not regulated and stuff? I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of the Death Eaters had stuck their oars in, to be honest. And I caught Dearborn's little comment about 'making amends following the scandal'- does he want back in at the Ministry? o.O and the Hog's Head = dodgy. I dislike him.

One question I have, is has the Order been officially formed yet? Is it already operating under Dumbledore, and Lily and co. just don't know about it yet, or will they have a hand in its creation? I'm imagining a parallel to the DA- a study group intended to help students with Defence against the Dark Arts, and then that growing into the Order we saw in HP. Hmmm. (Lily/James did suggest a study group... :P, oh dearest imagination, kindly shut up).

And Remus nearly followed Mary away. don't you think I didn't see that! I saw it! (although, I AGREE, LILY. Mary's skittishness- you need to put a stop to that. Get out her inner lioness and stuffs)

And also- I'm pretty sure I'm right about Dearborn. Either that or he's actually really good and an Order member brought in by Dumbledore to watch over the kids... but, if that were true then I would have assumed it would have been someone that was even slightly competent at teaching Defence... no, I'll stick to my guns. He's a baddie. Fo sho.

Another chapter that I really can't gush enough about. It was witty: ('consider yourself insulted', Sirius' commentary ideas ohlordIcan'twaitforQuidditch... ) and there was all the FEELS, and then there was the epicness of the meeting with Bellatrix. Nasty dark arts business, which was amazing. Every time I think, 'yay fluff!' ^.^ , you throw that in, and I'm all 'YAY ACTION!' >:D And the shadowing evil that looms overhead is growing. :P

Amazing. Just, awesome.

- Jenny.

Author's Response: Yay, more reviews from Jenny! :D

Well, as you saw in the next chapter, James' optimism was definitely a bit premature. He is very nice in this chapter, though, the poor guy. I'm glad you liked the tension of the Hogsmeade visit, and their fight with Snape. :)

Haha, it's really killing me to not say anything about Dearborn! I will tell you that one of the theories you have guessed so far is correct. But I won't tell you which one, unless you want me to.

The issues at the Ministry are something that I definitely see as helping Voldemort gain power--we saw the same thing happening, to a certain extent, in OotP, with Fudge refusing to admit that Voldemort was back and allowing him to fly under the radar while he rallied his troops. In this case, it's not a matter of denial, but more of organization. I think the Ministry had never really dealt with someone like Voldemort before, and so they had trouble reacting properly. Also, he's now been a threat for so long without there being any real successes at stopping him, so I think that's when people tend to start turning on each other.

The Order is definitely going to have a presence later on, and I will say that it's formed already, since you asked. I know a lot of stories show Lily and the Marauders as being really integral to the Order's early days, but I take a slightly different view, which you will eventually come to. ;)

Your comment about Mary's inner lioness is extremely prescient. *tightlipped again*

I'm so happy you liked the chapter, and are generally just enjoying the story! It honestly feels like it's been ages since I got to have the experience of someone going through this story and leaving reviews, and it is so fun! I'm remembering stuff that I forgot I even wrote! :)

Thank you so much!

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