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Review:NaidatheRavenclaw says:

It feels strange to be writing such a sum-it-up review. I've loved every word of this story. I can honestly say that it's among my favorite stories on HPFF, definitely my favorite action~y story on HPFF, and quite possibly one of my favorite action~y stories of all time. Everything was so well thought out, and you had an amazing plot and amazing characters and incredible writing. AND you managed to tie up all the loose ends. I can't even tell you how much I love this fic. GAH. So many parts of it are now in my head canon and it's been a long time since any story has affected me this much emotionally.

And I'm totally not doing this justice...I'm sort of emotionally drained right now, since so much has happened in the last few chapters. Good stuff though :D Colin's discovery of the other afterlives was so awesome. I'm incredibly happy that he got to live out his life and he found a wonderful friend (and maybe something more? :D) in Orla. Witching seems really nice as well. And once you mentioned it, I did wonder why there were so many people that died in the Battle of Hogwarts that never showed up in Cliodna's Clock. had everyone that was explicitly stated to be dead, I think, but it was always implied that more people died, and once you mentioned their graves, I did wonder why none of them showed up in the afterlife. Just another token of your genius ;) The bit with the picture was awesome too. I'm a huge fan of parallels like that so it made me really really happy :P

AND FRED AND GEORGE. That was just about the most amazing thing ever. I love how you showed one last time the flaws in the system and I love that Fred got to have another year on earth. That's definitely a head canon for me now :P It was so cool though. And so sweet of George to do that ♥

Favorite part... I don't know that I could pick favorite parts. I loved every chapter. ER...I think my two favorite chapters were Snape's chapter and Fred's chapter right before the last Race. They were both so emotional, yet completely fresh takes on two characters that have been exhausted. And the writing in both chapters was to die for.

My favorite round was definitely the fourth one. So many surprises in that round, and I think it was the creepiest round, with the mirrors and the clocks and everything. Every round was so original and well thought out, though. I loved how they were disguised in the first one, and the all the twists you had with the flags in the second one was awesome. And I loved that Colin proved himself in the third one, and I loved the fourth one in general, and I loved the general sense of chaos and horror in the last one. They were all so perfect.

I still feel like I haven't conveyed my complete adoration for this fic… I love it in so many ways, and the ending was about as perfect as you can get. I think I've exhausted pretty much every complimentary word throughout my reviews for this story, and you're all of them and more. It's been so amazing to read this story.



Thank you for the huge emotional ride that this story has been. I will definitely be looking at some of your other stories (once I have TIME again). It's been incredible ♥


Author's Response: FIRSTLY, ENDLESS APOLOGIES FOR TAKING AN ETERNITY TO RESPOND TO THIS. -hides in shame- I was an idiot and let my unresponded reviews count climb into the 80's, so I'm trying to tame that beast today.

I honestly am just so bad at responding to compliments, and I really, really take this review to heart. I can't even express how grateful I am to hear such lovely things about Run, and I'm SO, SO happy that this affected you the way that it did. If I could ask for anything, it would be for a reaction like that, to creep a little bit into your headcanon.

The picture subplot was one you'll miss if you blink, so I'm glad you caught that. And Orla! Totally saved Colin's neck. I'd like to think that they become a little bit more than friends someday. :3

George is the literal best, trading a year out of his life to trot off into the unknown and giving Fred the best present in the world. Fred needs this year to say goodbye. He will know what he's going back to when the year is up, and has complete faith that George will win the tournament. When the Weasleys set their mind to something, anything is possible.

Over the moon right now that you loved all the duels. Can I just take a moment to say that I was so worried about how all the rounds were going to be received? I built up to them, touting how action-y and cutthroat they were all going to be, and it was a lot of hard work to make each of them stand out. Breathing a million sighs of relief right now that you approved of them all.

Thank you so, so, so much, Naida. You are amazing. :)

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