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Review:starryskies55 says:
I started to review this at half two this morning, and then my eyes went fuzzy so I went to bed, I'm sorry :( So, on with the review!

Right, OMG LILY, JUST LOVE JAMES ALREADY. No, Jenny. Think of the plot.

Also, the Remus/Mary feels, oh gosh, if they get together I may not be able to contain myself. I mean, sure, there is a furry little problem and Lily is quite possibly right saying there are some commitment issues, but he's going to look after her! And it would be so cute. I have a lot of love in my heart for Remus. I love how it's all tentative and new and sweet- if someone else had written it, they would have been caught in a broom cupboard :( So yay for tentativeness! :D The scene with Lily, Mary and Anna- it's so true to life. I must have had the same conversation a million times with my friends, only without the threat of Silencing Charms: "Anna looked supremely unconcerned" - what a LINE.
And James' reaction was so typically male: "The last thing he wanted was to get pulled into hysterics over who fancied who." Never mind that he's pining over Lily, and has been doing so for aaages. Love with anyone else means hysterics! Twas a great little bit.

The discovery of the Room of Requirement! Wow, that was like a breath of fresh air! (oh god, I've started on the imagery again, stop me, please). Usually they just find it, and immediately know how it works and use it to it's full capability every other half hour. *rolls eyes*. I LOVE that this isn't the case- more proof of your fantastic originality. The idea that it is just a hiding place is fab, and while I kind of think that you'll just leave it as a hiding place, I also kind of think that if someone would unlock all it's secrets, it would be Lily, with the Marauders standing around all like "is this girl for real? Seriously?" Oh god, I hope they don't have to use it while running from Death Eaters. :( Your story makes my imagination run haywire! Stop it!

On a more serious note, the ever looming threat of old mouldy Voldy is getting steadily nearer and looming-er.. it's horrible to see all your lovely characters so scared! Lily was a proper lion, declaring she'll defend Mary and Anna, and I really hope she doesn't have to, although my inner Lit student detects a degree of foreshadowing... I hope I'm wrong on that point :( Mary is such a sweet character, although I have a feeling I may get annoyed at her lack of confidence at some point.

Lily and James' sweet moment in 'their' office (KISS) well, I was so happy. SHE ASKED HIM TO STAY. Although he said no, I'm glad, or world war three may have broken out in such a confined space. Also: "To his surprise, Lily sighed knowingly, put down her quill, and said, "Sit down."" She is a teacher if I ever saw one! She's already got an office, the attitude AND planning study groups. Mind you, I could see James being a teacher too- earlier, didn't he say that he liked sharing things with an eager audience? N'aw.

And I think you're probably getting used to my reviews being in the wrong order, but I'll apologise anyway: I am actually sorry, they must be hell to read.

Also, is your title of the fic a reference to the prophecy? "Thrice defied the dark lord... *rattling breath*" Because OMG TRILOGY. YAY. Although considering the web of intrigue I created about Dearborn, I'm embarrassed it took me until chapter five. I think you may have to deduct points for sleuthiness :( Although, I'm pretty excited now about a massive bust-up! I adore action, so so so so much.

But anyway, you're just amazing. I love how this fic is so complex, and I can try to point out things like foreshadowing- I may have said this before, but nothing is clumsy, everything fits in neatly. Everything /adds/ to the story, every single witty line or brilliantly crafted sentence.


PS. Totally saw your tweet, then got a calculator and added up your review counts, which MEANS, that if no-one sneaked in before me, this is your thousandth review. Thanks so much for being a wonderful author- your wittiness and writing prowess and complete genius means you deserve every single one of those reviews, and more besides.

Author's Response: OMG, OMG, ONE THOUSANDTH REVIEW!!! *hugs Jenny profusely* Thank you so much! I feel like I should print this out and frame it or something! *may actually be contemplating doing this in some form*

And you were up that late?! You don't need to apologize for going to sleep...sleep is important! (Although I'm pretty flattered that you stayed up so late because of my story.)

Remus and Mary are very cute, I have to admit...however...well, you basically covered the "however" part of it. It's there and it's undeniable, but I suppose you'll have to keep reading to find out what happens between them. I LOVE tentativeness. You can probably tell that from this story. :D I love that you pointed that out about James, how he didn't want to get involved even though he's BEEN involved in something similar for ages. I actually never even thought of the hypocrisy in it--just more his isolationist attitude towards it--but you are so right!

I'm so glad you liked the Room of Requirement part! I was trying to make sense of the fact that it wasn't on the Marauder's Map, because if it were, you would think they'd have marked it somehow. And then I remembered how Fred and George originally found it, and that scene was born. :)

If it seems like I'm ignoring anything you've said in this review or saying really oddly brief things about it, it's probably just because I feel like, if I say anything, it's going to ruin parts of the plot for you. :P But one thing I WILL tell you is that you're completely right about the title reference and trilogy aspect. I actually have a hope to one day write FOUR novels about them (ack!)--one for each of the "defiances", and then one covering the time following the third and up to their deaths. (Yeah, I'm gonna go there. I'll be a wreck.) Don't feel embarrassed about not picking up on it...I honest think I was on chapter twenty-something of this story before ANYONE ever mentioned it in a review.

And having said that, I love hearing you pick up on foreshadowing, and (dare I say this?) you never know whether you might be picking up on something that is going to happen in this story, or in a sequel! So keep that in mind. ;)

Aaaahhh, I'm just so happy you love the story so much. I couldn't even ask for a better review to have as my thousandth, because it's made me so full of enthusiasm. So thank you (a thousand times)...I can't tell you how nice it is!

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