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Review:starryskies55 says:
RIGHT. I GOOGLED CARADOC DEARBORN, and I have a naturally suspicious mind, and I'm probably reading /far/ too much into this, but I reckon he's a baddie. Like, a MAJOR baddie. I will now list my reasons for thinking so (no laughing when I'm wrong).
a) HP wiki says he disappeared, his body was never found. Clearly something fishy is going on there.
b) Lily mentioned he was evil.
c) someone else mentioned he was spineless.
d) he backed Dumbledore and effectively lost his job, and now has to rely on Dumbledore's handouts. If I was Dearborn, I'd have a grudge. (I'm suspicious and mean)
Therefore, I conclude that Dearborn has become jaded with the Order (and/or Dumbledore) and is going to (if he hasn't already) joined the Death Eaters- possibly due to his spineless nature, he get easily persuaded to join.
Now, I'm going to be quite big-headed and say I'm usually right about guessing plots (I'm a right laugh to watch films with *rolls eyes*) so I'm about ninety-nine percent sure he's a baddie. And a friend once called me Sherlock. *head inflates*

Anyway, onto more light hearted stuff! James and Lily after the party, I was practically chanting 'NOW KISS'- but as much as I want them to, that probably wouldn't be good for the plot. So sad, but happy.

Anna at the party was brilliantly sarcastic, not over the top, but totally believable- not everyone has the perfect comebacks all the time (as we've seen with Lily) :P

The giant photos and being 'immortalised in cheese' (oh my gosh, I laughed so hard) sounds like such a brilliant idea, and such a Slughorn thing to do. Does he have no conception of the embarrassment, or does he rnjoy making people squirm? (ohmygosh- plunny for Slughorn organising a Deathday party... that would be so amazing) I also love that James was referred to as 'Courageous and Confident'! Genius.

Remus' furry little problem neatly making an appearance as well... seriously, nothing is jerky or seems to be out of place. Please, may I have your writing skills? On the same kind of line, I loved the sneaky little bit about the invisibility cloak- I wonder if Lily knows about Remus' furry little problem? o.O

Oh, I'm going in the wrong order again. The Defence class was superb, I liked to see the Marauders being mischievous, and I ADORED the reference to their fifth year :P Although I have now a deep rooted dislike of Dearborn, which I doubt will ever go away. OMG. Dearborn and Peter. will they conspire against with each other? Against the marauders? I /may/ be getting ahead of myself here.

By the way, I meant to say in the last review but I forgot- I really love the parallels to Harry's years with old mouldy Voldy on the loose- the extra protection of the Aurors and the stuff to detect dark magic! It's fantastic.

I love this story so much! And verbal acrobatics is such an amazing phrase!

- Jenny.

PS. This may be the longest review I have EVER left.

Author's Response: :O This IS a long one! AND I LOVE IT. :D

Very interesting predictions there...I'm waggling my eyebrows in a cryptic sort of way, which is probably a terrible mental image. Of course, I won't spoil anything for you and say whether you're right or not. But I will say that, either way, points for sleuthiness. ;) It's actually so interesting to me that you dislike Dearborn--I've never had anyone tell me that in a review. I'm not offended in the slightest (I actually take it as a form of high praise when people tell me they dislike one of my characters), but your reaction is definitely unique. :D

Oh goodness, the "NOW KISS" chants have started already, have they? I'm quite sure you're going to want to murder me before the story's end. *hides* Apologies in advance.

I'm so glad you liked Anna! I love Anna. I used to get reviewers telling me how much they disliked her, which just made me feel this evil sense of pride in the fact that I thought she was awesome. Later in the story, many of them decided that she was all right. ;)

I love it when people review this story from the start, because it reminds me of things that are way back in the dusty corners of my memory. Like "immortalized in cheese". Did I actually write that? It sounds now like it came from a much wittier person than me. :P I think Slughorn has a concept of embarrassment, but it happens to be very different than the one that most other people have. In his mind, who WOULDN'T want all that attention and praise?

You want my writing skills?! I actually don't know if anyone's ever said that to me before! I also don't know if I have skills. But I'll take your word for it. :P

I could tell you what I think about what Lily thinks about Remus' furry problem, but you'll come to that later in the story, so I won't spoil it.

I feel like I repeat this every response, but oh well: I'm so happy you're still loving the story! Your reviews have been really fun to read so far, and I look forward to hearing more. :D Thanks again!

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