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Review:Yoshi_Kitten says:
Yay, I got 1st this time!!! OMG, CHILLS!!! I know I must sound repetitive, but this is my new favorite chapter, lol! They just keep getting better & better each and every time!! I can't wait til he meets Voldemort for the first time. I am especially interested in reading your take on the Dark Lord's character. With the way you write tho, I'm sure it'll be amazing! :)

Ok, so I'll start with the things I wasn't too find of. I know, hard to believe, cuz there really hasn't been anything about this yet that I didn't like. This story is perfect, in every way. But I honestly did not like the fact that Narcissa called Andromeda "Dromie". To me, that's almost as bad as people shortening Hermione's name to "Mione," lol. I know it's petty and minor, but it just didn't strike me as something that Narcissa would have called her sister...

And then the last thing, and I don't know exactly how precise a Metamorphmagus' powers are in cannon, but to me this seemed like a bit of a stretch. I mean, I feel like there should have been something visually that hinted it wasn't really her. Like, maybe more of an unusual softness to her eyes or something like that? I don't think that Tonks could have replicated Bellatrix's madness so easily, simply because she did not spend all those years in Azkaban... But again, that's probly just me being too nit-picky tho. Either way, Tonks had me fooled me too. On a more positive note, however, I did really like the idea behind Tonks disguising herself as Bellatrix in an attempt to fool Draco and get information outta him tho. She seemed like she was having too much fun with him, lol! And when he peed his pants, I almost lost it. I love Draco to death, but that was too funny, haha! :D

The part I got chills on was at the end, when his mother told him that Voldemort was going to put the Dark Mark on on him, and claim him as his own. I loved reading Draco's inner thought process on all that, and how he remembered the days when he used to want to have a mark like his dad. I really like all the extra details you have added here, especially the bits about Narcissa and her side of the family. I don't know her Uncle, but I feel so bad for him. His death really serves as a nice wake-up call for Draco tho, I think. I like his it shows him that no one is safe in this war, not even the pure bloods. I feel so bad for Narcissa tho, how desperate she is. In this chapter tho, she reminded me of the beginning of HBP, when she begged Snape to help save Draco's life. I can see the beginning of THAT Narcissa Malfoy starting to show, and feel tremendously for her, the poor thing. =/

Once again, you have produces excellence tho with another amazing chapter to this story. I am looking forwards to reading what comes next. even if I do already know what Voldemort is going to ask of him, lol. I still really wanna read your take on things, cuz your writing is the BEST!! Please update soon again, ok? =)

Author's Response: Hello, there!

You know, I spent quite a bit of time poking around, seeing if there were any canon references to what Andromeda's sisters called her. Since Bellatrix often gets shortened to Bella and Narcissa often gets shortened to Cissy, I felt like they must have had some sort of pet name for her. Sadly, there is nothing in canon. So I looked at the various fan fic alternatives. "Andy" just sounded terrible. Made me think of the Shawshank Redemption, which isn't a bad movie, but has nothing to do with the Black family. "Meda" just sounds dumb. I even found one where Ted calls her "Andro", which has to be the most bizarre thing I've ever read. I wasn't thrilled with Dromie, either, but how on earth do you shorten Andromeda into something that sounds affectionate? I give up. ;)

So here's my thinking on Tonks changing herself to look like Bellatrix. She probably didn't get it 100% right. But I imagine that Draco was so scared that he wouldn't have noticed any small mistakes. And since this is told from his point of view, I think it would have ruined the effect to point out inconsistencies that he was too shocked to realize were there. Moreover, I thought the whole idea was cool. If you ask me, canon suffers from a severe lack of Tonks making use of her special ability. I mean, making duck faces to amuse Ginny Weasley? Seriously? That's the best use of her talents that JKR could come up with?

So my first thought on this chapter was to make it so that Narcissa had reached out to Dumbledore. I had written a section of her dialog where he demands a high price for helping her, not unlike the way he treated Snape. In return for keeping Draco safe, Narcissa would have to remain at Malfoy Manor and spy on her sister. In the end, it just didn't sound right to me. Dumbledore has already made it clear that he wants to help Draco and frankly Narcissa wouldn't be a very good spy. So I changed it so that he tried to ask one of her uncles on the Rosier side for help and the Death Eaters find out about it and kill her uncle to send her a message.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm trying to write chapter 5 now, but my characters just aren't cooperating at this point. I'll have to whip them into shape! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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