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Review:SeverusLove says:
Calkins, dearie,

I'm sorry it took me so long to get around this. Guilt trips are very effectual see, and you're right. It was very rude of me to promise to read this tons of times but never actually get to it. (I do still love you, you know that. ;)) I haven't been to the archives or the forums in months, nor have I written anything HP-related if you don't count PW, so I may not be very helpful anymore character/plotwise, having lost the flow and pace of the books and stuff... (I do wish I could regain this though - muse for both reading and writing HP-fanfiction that is. If only I had more time in my life to squish in. -_-" I'm thinking of jumping some forum challenges again, but am worried that old disease will kick in and I'll be jumping into 50 of them and never finishing one. xD)

Onto the actual story, I reread all five chapters from the beginning again since I only read the first chapter months ago and I was afraid I might've forgotten. On one hand, I'm glad to see there were four more chapters to read, yet on the other, I went "Only four? D:". *hintupdatehint* ;)

I'm glad you didn't make Fred die and made it a medical condition instead like in The Healing. :P Amongst all who died, Fred would probably be the most worthy to revive, simply because he deserved it most. No one deserved to die. But Albus was an old man already, and so was Moody. At least Remus and Tonks went together, and let's admit it, no one would have loved Snape as much or took pity on him if he hadn't died. xD Dobby and Sirius was plain injustice, but Fred - there are so many he left behind that needs him yet. You were spot-on in your description, "It felt strange saying just Fred, as he'd always been associated with his twin. Now that was no longer the case. He wouldn't see them laughing together, executing some perfect prank. No longer would they grin at each other, finish the other's sentence and generally confuse everyone listening to them. No, now there was only one." Killing him off and leaving George to suffer through such torture would be heartbreaking. So I'm glad you allowed him to live. Slim chance it is, being that being frozen on the point of death is such an interesting concept (it's ironic that I'm using a similar concept in another dimension of fanfiction), but still there remains hope. :D

Oh, and though minor, I'm quite excited about Hermione and Ron trying to find her parents again. It's just something I would've liked to see resolved after that sad scene in the movies where she had to erase their memory. Their reunion would be bittersweet. :)

I loved the scene of Molly fussing over Ron as it gave a bit of comedic relief to the rather serious pace of the story, and I'm glad for Harry and Ginny, I look forward to more of that witty side of her. Harry's apology rant seemed kinda long though and rushed, hahaha.

"Harry felt a twinge of sympathy for Hermione. She was clearly trying to think of something and Ron was biting her head off as he so often did when he was emotional." -- I loved this line. It was very RxH IC and made me laugh.

I think you already told me about your plans for Kingsley being the temporary Minister of Magic, so it came as no surprise. Lots of your reviewers have already commended you on Harry's 'hero complex', so repeating it would sound unoriginal. :P But you can add my name to that list anyway. xD *thumbs up*

The information on phoenixes and the fact that it was rare has piqued my interest and I look forward to your version of how they are going to catch one. It was nice of you to have them pick Egypt among the choices since they'd been there before, and their choice made me flashback to the third movie and it was clever of you to tie the two scenes together.

Again, Calkins, update, would you? Then tell me and I'll read it right away! :) Congratulations also on your beta-reader by the way. :)

Lots of Love,
~ The Awesome Sevvy Whom You Love and Missed ;)

P.S. I was scrolling through your reviews and happened to come across one that mentioned Severus, which sent 'OOH, SEVERUS!' nerves all over my brain. And naturally, I agree with every word academia has pointed out. :P Don't forget Severus! Because then technically, that'd be like you'd be forgetting me. :O The horror.

Author's Response: Wow, big review! Thanks so much for all the lovely things you have posted!

I know I should update more, I just struggle with motivation. I feel like my story is in some dark secluded corner of the site and that no one will care what I do with it.

As for your other points, thanks for the lovely praise. And you're right! I mustn't forget Severus...

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