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Review:peppersweet says:
not that I wish to lower the tone but - there's an episode of family guy where Peter drops acid and ends up just feeling things going 'oohhh, these clothesss' etc etc. well I am perfectly lucid but right now I sort of feel like lying on the computer screen and going 'oohhh this FIC' and hoping vainly that I can absorb it by osmosis.

the mood of this one was really unusual, not in a bad way, I actually think that once I got used to it I /got/ the fic (although having said that I bet I've misinterpreted the entire thing). It seemed a little absurd in places - like an exploding marshmallow or rose flinging plant matter around the room - but then rose's narration was straight-faced, deadpan, almost s in places? It felt like a light next-gen comedy had been deconstructed and told by someone on the verge of a total breakdown. Um, I hope I got that right. I'm not sure I did and, after all, it is only chapter número uno so I may be misreading.

your rose: I like your rose. I like her angst and her neuroticism, her determination to see /something/ in anything. I think, often, rose is portrayed a lot more like fanon lily (pretty, feisty, smart) whereas I see her as being a lot more like a blend of Ron and hermione's own personality traits, and not always the good ones. In my mind, rose has hermione's inability to accept failure and ron's occasional bitter jealousy (haha I mistyped that as butter first time round). I feel like, in this story, the glimpse of rose we've had so far is a lot more like the daughter of ron and hermione and I really appreciate that. I can't wait to see how her narration develops in later chapters.

okay, now your scorpius because - that's scorpius, right? - even if he wasn't named or given dialogue I felt like he was the chapter's centre if gravity, kind of (argh I'm sorry I'm not sure this review really makes sense). he's a gryffindor...right? well, I think he is, and I like it. I've put scorpius in every house except for gryffindor when I've written him but, here, it makes so much sense. not sure why and I don't think I'll be able to explain it but, it does. the power balance in fanon scorose can be pretty fixed (bad boy!scorpius and golden girl!rose) but I feel like it's inverted here - or in this first chapter anyway. I like that.

okay I feel like I made a mistake in formulating a lot of opinions as early as chapter one but - I like this. I really do. smashing start, lilyeth, and I shall move into le two post haste and please forgive me for all the drivel I've just typed~ ♥

Author's Response: julia, julia, could family guy /possibly/ lower the tone? I've written an attacking plant and a head-sized marshmallow!

And ofc, if you figure out how, I'm completely open to you fulfilling that plan.

Ugh yeah, this fic is going to anger the wrong readers or the right ones idk because the plot is like, NON EXISTENT in the first chapter and it's basically just a portrait of the mental landscape of someone who's possibly better off in the loony bin.

I like crack!fic, obviously, and a lot of the plot in Adventure/AIF creep up right next to crack!fic which is only emphasized by my narration--here I attempted (read: probably didn't do this at all) to pull on that inspiration of weird and in places O.o happenings that only Hogwarts seems capable of producing and then tell it from the point of view of someone whose sense of humour is widely off and who would see these as ordinary, almost banal cases or, in the case of the plant, as a way to get close to people she's lost. Rose is really off it, I think, more than perhaps I realised before lol. I'm just seeing it now answering this very /lucid/ review.

And basically yes, I want to procure a non-foretold ScoRose; not to be all "look this has no cliches" because it definitely does, but just because my interest in this couple is powered by what lies behind their family relations, too, as I think that's something often overlooked in fic I've read. And because I wanted to write a neurotic Rose, and put her through a bunch of tragedy and see how she deals with it, yo.

I think Rose is mostly a ball of flaws, and I'm glad you can see them stemming from Ron and Hermione haha. That's always the goal, because I don't want to completely disregard canon! And YES it's Scorpius, I feel like chucking his name in there at least once for readers but you're totally right--in addition to this whole story being a long and twisted love letter (which I haven't mentioned at all /in/ the narration but which will become apparent later I think, OR NOT, I could change my mind), Rose's fixation makes it impossible for her to call Scorp by name. For various reasons.

Scorpius--I've explained him a bit to you already in ~other~ places, but you're totally, hilariously right about the inversion of that trope and I didn't even realise it/do it on purpose haha. Scorpius is a really nice, good, if not daft kid, and, well, here is Rose, a ball of untamed explosive. She didn't always creep the pants off people, though.

I don't think you're misreading at all; in fact, your insight is doing this fic more justice than perhaps it deserves, and I'm s00per grateful for you stopping by to let me know your thoughts ♥


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