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Review:CambAngst says:
This was a really interesting approach to dealing with the aftermath of Moody's capture by the Death Eaters. The title implies that what's going on in his mind is some sort of defense mechanism, which makes perfect sense. Crouch and Wormtail could be torturing him for information about his new job at Hogwarts. Or he could be under the Imperius Curse. Either way, his mind is acting to protect itself.

The fog that he's in at the start of the story reminded me a lot of the Imperius Curse. It's so much work for him to try to maintain a thought. His mind is fragmented and his thoughts are random, which would be like torture in and of itself to somebody like Moody. In the end, it's easier just to "go to sleep" than to fight for clarity and sanity. I thought this was really well written.

The childhood story felt like a defense mechanism. People often retreat into pleasant memories when they're subjected to mental anguish, or so I've read.

The story of young Alastor's life was nicely done and I thought it was a great back story for a man who becomes the prototype of what an Auror is supposed to be. His entire family is in a situation where they must be self-reliant and constantly use their wits to keep from blowing their cover. I loved his father's quote about luck and vigilance. It seems that the apple did not fall far from the tree!

The last line, about the sky, was a nice way to hint at what's really going on.

I noticed two things about this chapter that jumped out at me as worthy of a second look:

"The boy was most likely a muggle so Quidditch was out" - If Alastor is too young to attend Hogwarts and his family was always moving around, it seemed a little strange to me that he would have played much organized Quidditch. At a minimum, the game requires brooms and a large, open area. Not a big deal, but it seemed a little inconsistent.

"but he did no tag and hide-and-go-seek." - know

Overall, your writing was very good and the chapter flowed smoothly and was easy to read. I'm curious to see how Alastor makes his way back to reality.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing again! I really appreciate it! And I'm glad that you like the path I've taken with the events after Moody's capture.

When re-reading parts of GoF as research for this story, it said that Moody was kept in the bottom compartment of his trunk under the Imperius for the months Crouch Jr was masquerading as him at Hogwarts. I'm so glad that the fog scene reminded you of the Imperius curse because that's the effect I was going for.

The childhood was as much of a defense mechanism as it was a way to pass the time. Moody is never idle, after all, and he will spend months under the Imperius.

I'm glad that you liked Alastor as a young child. I did my best to create a situation that would begin to mold him into the man he became. His father's line was one of my favourites to write- it's definitely fun as a writer of fanfiction to weave in little canon details into the character's past.

The last line definitely does hint about what's going on. Moody's trapped in his own mind, under the control of the Imperius curse.

Thank you for pointing those things out. When I wrote that he wasn't overly fond of Quidditch I was thinking that Quidditch seemed to be a pretty universal game among witches and wizards. They learn about it at a young age and start playing it soon after. In my mind, Alastor's father has been placed in Wizarding villages before and he's been introduced (and played) Quidditch there.

It will be a little bit before Alastor makes his way back to reality, unfortunately. He has monthes of being under the control of Crouch Jr to look forward to.

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