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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

So I was having a perfectly enjoyable day until you slayed me with feels. I absolutely love the idea of a stone phoenix monument actually built from pieces of Hogwarts. It would be so painful, so hard-hitting, to look at that and see the names of your loved ones. I'm just imagining how after George looks at that, he'll never be able to get rid of that image; the name will be branded there. Every time from now on that he passes that monument, he won't even have to look for Fred's name. After viewing it once, he'll already know exactly where it is. There is something about this story that makes me ramble insensibly. But needless to say, the emotions were subtle but strong. I got this powerful sense of a young man desperately trying to move forward in his life but there are all these obstacles trying to hold him back, to keep him submerged in his grief. I wish the world would stop trying to delay his progress!! But he also needed that, I think. He needs to break down every now and then so that he can slowly drain it from his system, and Angelina was the ultimate catharsis here. So lovely and strong, a pillar of support even though she didn't say much. All he needed was her presence, and I'm so glad that she was able to make him feel a little bit better. I particularly loved this bit:

Suddenly, George knew why the few times he had seen his dad weep it had been into his mother's shoulder. There was something sacred and secure about being in Angelina's arms - something that made the rest of the world fall away for a moment.

♥ I love that, the resemblance of Angelina and George to Molly and Arthur, and how important it is to have someone to lean into when you're grieving.

The thing that I love the most about your George is that even though life craps on him left, right, and center, he rolls out from under it and keeps walking, keeps trying. He doesn't just sit and wallow for an extended period of time. I feel that is so canon and so important and I'm really, really happy you made him this way. I don't want to read about a George who digs a hole and just sits in it, waiting to die because his brother's gone. That is not the Weasley twin way. Even after something like this flies at him, hitting him right in the heart so hard that it made me feel like I could hardly breathe, I know he'll endure; and I think you confirmed this at the end of the chapter when he propped up Garfield Zonko's card. (Garfield is an awesome name, btw, and I am loving that man's zany characterization! I do hope we see more of him. He seems quite colorful.)

I have so much admiration for George, which of course is directly due to you, which I have even more admiration for, and now I am just spinning around in a circle of feels and I think I need a hug because poor George sometimes forgets that he doesn't have to go at this alone, and I just want to pick him up in one hand and pick up Angelina in the other, like two dolls, and make them marry and have babies so that most of the holes in his life can start to fill back up again.

P.S. I vote Orly for the owl. GEDDIT?? Trollololol.



I digress.

I had a really hard time deciding where to the line between effective emotion and melodrama was in this chapter and I think I rewrote Kingsley and McGonagall's speeches about a half a dozen times. You must know how much I respect and admire you as a writer, and so hearing your kind words literally makes me so giddy and I'll take your so-called ramblings any day. (H)

You so /get/ my characterization of George. He's such a vital character -- so full of life and energy -- in canon, that I can't stomach the thought of him rolling over and giving up. Sure, it's very difficult for him to move foward and some days, like this particular on, are almost too much for him, but enter Angelina. I think he's finally starting to truly understand how much she means to him and what an immovable support she is.

Ahhh. You always seem to pick out passages that I'm particularly fond of. I think Molly and Arthur are such a shining example of a good relationship, that their children would have to look up to them as role models.

George is definitely not going to be giving up anytime soon, and you'll def be seeing more of mr zonko.

Gahhh. Sarah. Your reviews always leave me with so many feels -- you don't know how many times I reread them when I need a boost writing the next chapter. Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend.

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