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Review:Remus says:
Heya! Perelandra from the forums with your review swap! :) Sorry it took a while...had to make dinner and whatnot.

'the specifics of the passing years had blurred in his memory, unnecessary information unless related to the solving of a crime'--That line reminded me of Sherlock. I have no idea if you've seen the show but I absolutely love it. It definitely gives us a new layer in Moody's mind. He's dedicated to his job and is willing to do anything to catch evil wizards. Including getting rid of useless information that is not relevant to dark magic and wizards.

Your Moody story is the first that I have read where he's the main character. The ones I've read usually have him as an extra and he's your typical crazy Auror. You definitely managed to capture his paranoia and the reasoning behind it. He's like a war veteran who has seen too much in his life and doesn't trust anyone. He's good at calculating his every move and is very precise about it.

I really like how poor Moody was bested by Peruvian Darkness Powder. That was what it was, right? It was so simple that he didn't even see it coming. However, it seemed to me that that was the only way they could've done it. There was no way Crouch Jr (fresh out of Azkaban) could've been able to take him down on a duel.

Speaking of Crouch, how come Moody didn't recognize him? Wasn't it him that help put him away? Or was it because Crouch was so wasted away that he failed to see the escaped man right in front of him.

Over all this was an interesting take. Your Moody seems to have a motive to his 'madness' and I enjoyed reading about it. Its fresh to see him in a serious role rather than the joke some people make him out to be.

The only tiny critique that I have is that sometimes, due to having little to no dialogue, it became a bit wordy. Imagery was great but sometimes it felt like you had a run-on sentence here and there. Nothing too drastic, really. But that's the only thing that popped out at me.

Thanks for the swap, Roots! I definitely enjoyed reading this. :)


Author's Response: Oh it's no problem about the wait! It took me long enough to actually respond to your review!

No, I haven't seen Sherlock but I've heard only good things about it. I think the line definitely does suit Moody- he's spent almost his whole life chasing and capturing Dark Wizards and he's survived this long by being careful and by being dedicated to his job. I do think that it would have taken over the majority of his life by this point.

I haven't read any Moody-centric stories either... But that just gives me more free reign, doesn't it? :) I'm glad that you think that my Moody is not just crazy, or ridiculous. For me, he's a person who's survived years of dangerous work by being so paranoid and careful.

Yes, it was Peruvian Darkness Powder. It was the simplest and best explanation I could come up with as to how Moody would have lost the fight. Because we know that he must be a good, strong fighter and a strategic thinker, due to his career in the Aurors.

My thoughts as to why Moody didn't recognize Crouch fall into two lines of reasoning; the first being that it was dark in the house and Moody couldn't see much more than a figure (and, as you said, Crouch Jr would look different after years of being locked up) and the second being that Moody wasn't really focused on identifying who the intruder was but rather on defeating him. Identification was a second step for him.

Thank you for pointing that out. There isn't really a lot of opportunity for dialogue here because Moody is mostly by himself (and then he doesn't want to make noise). In the future chapters there is a lot more conversation because he interacts with more people.

Thanks once again for the review! I enjoyed reading your story as well- if you let me know when the next chapter is posted, I'll definitely come and review it!

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