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Review:ValWitch21 says:
Prepare yourself, tidal wave of ramble in 3... 2... 1!



There's for the state of my brain right now, but I'm going to try and make this consistent. Ish.

So. This is where it starts. Voldemort is after James and Lily, and I'm guessing they're going to go into hiding soon. I is sad. I didn't quite expect this to happen so soon, I wanted them to stay carefree (to a certain extent, because, oi, there's war going on here!) a little longer, but I suppose it does make sense, and it sticks to cannon. But still. *pouts*

Oh, I love seeing them all together again. Sirius is rather clueless again, being all surprised when Beth says something smart, and thank Merlin for that. The day Sirius is un-clueless? cluefull? Whatever, the day he's not clueless anymore (on details mind you, because he's far from stupid), I will find you, and I will be very angry.

Baaww, he held her hand and got rejected. I felt so sorry for him, and at the same time I wanted to smack his head into a wall. I know he doesn't love her in the sense that he thinks they're soulmates and meant to be together and blah, but will he just stop already?


I don't like seeing him hurt at all, but why doesn't he just see that Beth still loves Severus? Oh, right. He's Sirius Black, Clueless Extraordinaire.

And James - so protective and sweet and actually siding up with Beth against Sirius? What happened to Prankster Number One? I like and don't like seeing them grow up... I like it because the typical pranking James and Sirius as adults would just be downright exhausting, but it means their deaths and imprisonments and treasons are getting closer and closer. The anticipation is starting to kill me...

~ These were his friends… ~ Oh, how delusional you can be, Sirius! Sending death scowls at Peter right now. I'm really impatient to read about Sirius, Remus and Beth's reaction to Wormtail's treason, you can't imagine.

AND MERLIN I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING. What if Beth believes it was Sirius who gave away James, Lily and Harry? No. NO. SHE MUST NOT. Please?

James and Sirius arguing. Not usual, therefore so much more powerful. They'd better get things clear before James die, or I will never get over it.

And my favourite quote:

He was wrong. He didn’t know Beth like Sirius did – not since they’d left school. Whatever it was that he’d said she didn’t need, he, Sirius, would protect her from at any cost. He had taken James’s place in Beth’s life, just as Lily had taken his in James’s.

So much love. Nothing to say. You really manage your endings.

Well. That was a rather unrambly review, the first in quite some time.

*switches hyper fangirling mode on*



*switches hyper fangirling mode off*

What? It needed some rambling...

Guh. Thank Merlin this is going to be a busy week, it'll make time go faster. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Hey, I just read this,
And it is lovely,
You are amazing,
So preview maybe?

Sorry. I'm a hopeless case.



Heart - I still can't do those, I'm that pitiful.

Author's Response: Your reviews never fail to make me smile! I'm always blown away at your immense support and encouragement for this story; having someone love it this much make me love it even more. If that makes any sense at all!

This is indeed where it starts -- this book is much darker than ITB, after all, and it's at around this point (nearly halfway, holy wow) that things start... turning. Plot points are coming together, and the Death Eaters are growing stronger and stronger. And we know that James and Lily were sought after by Voldemort, knowing the sorts of assets they'd be to him, so that's got to come into play here as well.

And then we've got Sirius, of course, moping around about Beth. Poor girl -- I think she feels like she /ought/ to be torn between Severus and Sirius, but of course we know who she picks. I do feel rather bad for him in the course of this point of the story, and at the same time I sort of want to bash his head into a wall (much like you!) for being so thick. He's unwaveringly optimistic, and in the end that might be his downfall. Though I'll not say a word as to who suspects him of what, when this story's all said and done! ;)

I loved writing James's small bit in this chapter -- "she doesn't need that" is somehow one of my favorite lines. Although I'm not sure why. :D I love the relationship he and Beth have, and should I have ever had a brother, I think I'd have wanted one like him. Maybe that's why I enjoy him so much!

Whew. This response was kind of a ramble... I'm rather sorry about that. Your reviews always sort of turn me into a big pile of mush. ♥ Seriously, though, thank you so much for leaving one every week. And you're almost always my first review, too, which really brings an even bigger smile to my face. I can't tell you what your support means to me! ♥ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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