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Review:Roots in Water says:
It's Roots in Water here with your review! It seems that I've managed to avoid reading the finale to this wonderful story for several weeks due to my vacation... But now the time has come.

Wow. For a few moments there in the beginning I thought that we were watching Harry's placement as Headmaster after Neville's death... And then things didn't seem to fit and it all clicked. We were reading about Harry's death... And I think that was one of the best possible ways to end this story. We didn't need to see Harry going off to live his next great adventure in life- he'd already lived enough of those. What he truly wanted was to be reunited with Ginny and you gave him (and us) that. Very, very well done!

I really liked reading about the changes that happened during the 60 years Harry was Headmaster (and boy does that seem like a long time!). You know that something changed when some of the students are unaware that the goblins rebelled... :) It was interesting to read that they now went to school with goblins and centaurs- do they all learn the same magic? I thought that they didn't possess the same type of magic, just like a house elf's and a wizard's magic are different... But that doesn't really matter because the change did a great job of showing the differences that Harry had brought as a result of being Headmaster.

Ginny's time at the station was definitely very moving! It was bittersweet to see the characters we know and love moving on into the afterlife, being reunited with loved ones but also leaving others behind. George's words fit the situation perfectly and I'm so happy that they were finally reunited. It's interesting how death kind of erases the years spent apart in life. However, that also means that Harry spent a lot of time alive after the majority of his friends had passed on. At least Harry had a peaceful passing on.

And their reunion! You did an absolutely fantastic job with this- it was perfect! Gah! It was so great to see them finally reunited after so long apart and no, they definitely won't be separated now. They get to be together again.

And I really liked how you had Death be a familiar friend to them. It really added to the feeling of their obtaining peace together at last. They've both waited so long for it, after all.

All in all, I think that you did a brilliant job with this ending, and with the whole story in general. You did a great job with your development of your plot, with your characters. Everything seemed so real, just like what happens with the really good published books. I think that I will always consider this to be their future, at least partially. Great, great, great job. I look forward to reading your future works- "Marked" certainly looks interesting! Thank you once again for requesting and I hope that you will continue to request from me even though this story is over.

Author's Response: Hi, Roots!

Just like you managed to avoid writing this for a while, I've been staring at it on my screen for the past few hours, dreading the process of writing my response. It's really over, isn't it?

I wanted the nature of the epilogue to be something that came to the reader gradually. One last, "aha!" moment to try to make the reader feel good. If anyone wants to see Harry living his life as Headmaster... well, I'm thinking of maybe a one-shot or two in that vein. ;)

I'd like to think that with himself and Hermione at Hogwarts, Percy in the Minister's office and most of the pure blood families disgraced, they were able to make a lot of positive changes. I'm really not sure what sorts of novel magical powers goblins and centaurs brought to Hogwarts. Again, fertile ground for new writing!

When Ginny said that she would wait for Harry for as long as she had to, she really meant it. It was pretty emotional to write her scene in King's Cross, especially the parts with George and Hermione. Death is the great reuniter. I'm not sure where I read that, or whether I might have just made it up, but it's true. One by one, friends and family arrive and leave to join the part at Hogsmeade.

I went through a few different versions of Harry and Ginny's big moment before I settled on the one you see here. I had one where the scene just melted away as they kissed. I had one where they board the train and kept talking as it departed for Hogsmeade. This seemed like a good way to end it.

And I do think that Death was something they no longer feared or dreaded. Oddly enough, I kept thinking of Yoda's words while I wrote Death's appearance: "Forever sleep. Earned it, I have." I tend to think that Ginny and Harry had both earned their peaceful eternity together.

I'm really flattered that CoB has become part of your headcanon. It's been a labor of love since the beginning and you, my friend, have been there since the beginning. Thank you so much for all of your support, encouragement, suggestions and kind words. I will definitely be seeking your thoughts on Marked!


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