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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
And Bellatrix said nothing about any of it. If her master was blind, then she must be also; this was how her world worked.

- You are a genius. That is all.

I like the way this chapter was split into three POV's - Hermione's, who mentioned Bellatrix in her thoughts, and then Bellatrix's POV, who mentioned Voldemort in her thoughts, and finally Voldemort, who is...I DON'T EVEN KNOW. IS HE DYING.

Okay, okay, theories.

Prepare yourself. My theories are usually convoluted or make no sense.

1. When Harry died, a piece of his soul latched onto Voldemort, creating a Harry horcrux. And that...well, I don't know. Maybe Harry's horcrux is spending a lot of time trying to inwardly stab Voldemort to pieces or something.

2. When Harry died, and Voldemort's unintentional horcrux died with him, that meant seven horcruxes were destroyed (I think? He still has Nagini with him, right? My brain is tired and I can't remember if Neville still managed to kill the snake or not). And seven is the most magical number, so... Hmm.

3. His wand is cursed. The more he uses it, the more it kills him. Does it have something to do with his wand? I feel like it does. Something about the wand.

4. Something more to do with blood - maybe he broke an Unbreakable Vow or his blood is literally tied to Harry's life more than he thought it was, because of the graveyard scene in GoF. Or maybe it's because of all that unicorn blood he drank back in the day when he was still hitching a free ride on Quirrell's head. Blood, blood, blood. Hmm. I FEEL LIKE THIS SHOULD BE OBVIOUS BUT MY MIND IS DRAWING A BLANK. This will keep me up tonight.

5. The dude is old. 'Nuff said.


Bellatrix was delightfully written here - it's tempting to paint her as completely insane, but she's not and I'm glad you portrayed her so realistically, showing how she was gloating and high on her pedestal when she was alone in the room, fancying herself victorious, and then as soon as Voldemort enters the room this undeserved egotism falls away into fear and caution.

She's delusional and creepy but she's smart. She knows enough to survive alongside Voldemort, the most powerful wizard alive. She knows when to speak and when to shut up. I find her so fascinating; she'll go on forever in taunts to other people, sneering and laughing at them, but in the presence of Voldemort she is very submissive. And Voldy just doesn't care, he'll step on anyone.

Voldy. Homg, your characterization. My canon heart sings. ♥ Flew right off the page of the books, I tell you. ARE YOU SECRETLY JKR IN DISGUISE? IF SO, I WANT FREE TICKETS TO WWOHP. Which reminds me of IHOP. I want wizarding world pancakes.

But my favorite part/part that killed me inside was when Hermione mouthed Ron's name over and over, her only hope. And Dean and Oliver. :( I want to climb into the story and save them. I want to see Ron bust in there, snarling and Hulk-like, and just rip all the Death Eaters apart and save Hermione. The poor girl's been through so much, and being imprisoned in the castle she used to know as her second home... It's so incredibly sad. There could be no worse feeling, and it hits me right in the pit of my stomach to read about her suffering at the hands of people who hate her just because of her blood. The sadness she feels, the desperation and fear because of the silence that has fallen over the castle, is even worse than watching someone torture her with spells. I just. So many feels, so many horrible, horrible feels. STOP DOING MEAN THINGS TO MY HEART. I CANNOT HANDLE IT.


Author's Response: I totally didn't even realize that, about the points of view; how are you always able to notice things about my stories that even I miss? I am so jealous of your brain. Let's swap. :)

I love all of your theories! (And thank you for playing along and giving them in the first place!) Unfortunately, I am not about to tell you if any of them are correct, because there is no fun in that. >:3 Actually, five's just kind of a given, because... yeah, dude is OLD. Seriously, is he like seventy-something here? Older? Why hasn't he just keeled over yet? But the blood is still significant, I will say that much...

Bellatrix and Voldemort were the hands-down hardest parts of writing this chapter. SO INTIMIDATING. I'm like having moments over your saying you liked them, just bouncing up and down in my chair a little and doing flappy-hand gestures. ♥ THANK YOUUU.

Now seeing Rupert Grint taking Mark Ruffalo's place in 'Avengers' and laughing my brains out. But seriously -- I'm needing Ron to rescue Hermione pretty soon. I miss writing the two of them /together/, you know? She's dying, basically, and she will die if she doesn't get help soon; there's no way to sugarcoat it.

And on that happy note... :3 Padfoot to my Prongs, woman. Your reviews are fantastic, and I cannot do them justice. I have accepted this fact. SO, SO GLAD YOU LIKE THIS STORY SO MUCH ~ ♥

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