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Review:Slide says:
I'd say "poor James", and I'm sure it's hard to be left behind, but good grief, man, don't complain at the people about to go off and risk their lives! Look at baby Harry. There, that's better. Heh, of course Voldemort has standing positions for his hierarchy. I never have observed before how this stroy makes for some fun and sensible insights into how the organisation of Death Eaters works, but it does, and they're believable and compelling and really add to the atmosphere of the kind of life Minty-G lives.

Ha, sensible Moody. No plan survives contact with the enemy. I almost feel sorry for Avery, whipping-boy of the Death Eaters. Ohhh, tense. Good, good tension. AWW Bella cares. Okay, she doesn't, but I like this display that Bellatrix is (perhaps for now, before she goes truly crazy) professional enough to know that Araminta needs protecting as an asset, regardless of personal dislike. Okay, or, trying to get a liability out of the way but that's still CUNNING. Plenty of people would write Bellatrix as just being happy to get Araminta killed. I really like that little bit. Okay, I take back my harsh words from the beginning, James Potter is, again, a sweetheart. And I am inordinately pleased at Arieda getting her first takedown.

Trust Gideon to get an excuse to take his shirt off. Trust him to be all charming and provocative while gushing blood. Always a pleasure when they recapture some of the banter from before. And, of course, what woman could resist? I do like that it's frantic, desperate sort of embrace, considering he nearly died and she panicked about it and that's going to have a lot of bubbling emotions rather than being something suave and perfect.

B'AWWW I'm all gushy now. Issues are real and not ignored. Gideon is appropriately outraged then appropriately adorable. Healing takes time and is all FLUFFY. *flails* Yeah, I'm out of coherent words on this one. A particularly outstanding chapter.

Author's Response: The trouble is, it's easy for James to moan about not fighting when he's around people who ARE, because that's where he'd like to be too! And actually, I expect that most, if not all, of the people actually fighting would much rather be doing that than be in James' position, so I doubt too many of them were too irritated at the whole thing.

In GoF the Death Eaters seemed to have particular spots in which to stand around him, so I nabbed that idea and decided that it occured regardless of the situation. It's partly to make it more realistic and canon-compliant, and partly to poke fun at Voldie-boy. Because it's utterly ridiculous. BUT it does prevent people from unfortunate Apparitions on top of other people, so it has its practicalities.

I think there are numerous ways to look at Bellatrix's attitude here. It might be that she recognises Araminta's importance; alternatively, it's that she doesn't want her to duel well and steal her glory, or it's an act that might bump Bellatrix higher up on Voldemort's list of favourites! I DO think that it would be too easy, especially at this stage, to have Bellatrix not recognise Araminta's values AT ALL purely because of a mutual dislike. So she sends her away. For a mixture of all of the above reasons. She's no idiot.

James is definitely my favourite Marauder, and he's not featured enough yet. Any excuse to shoehorn him in, and I'm there :) And he is a bit of a babe in this chapter! It's not the last we see of him, but he doesn't have much more of a role - then again, neither does anyone else any more, we're getting to the end of Giddy and Minty's story...

The Gideon/Araminta moment was ridiculously cheesy and corny but I DON'T CARE I LOVED IT ANYWAY. It's good to know that you did too! They'd both gotten to the point where they'd admitted to themselves how they felt, but didn't want to be the first to take the plunge and admit it to the other, so it was always going to take something like this - the worry that one of them wouldn't survive - to egg them on a bit. Hence the frantic desperation. And then, of course, Araminta's ISSUES come up. And Gideon is an utter babe. Seriously, I'd like my own Gideon having written this chapter, he is a little bit amazing when he's in the right mood. This was possibly my favourite chapter so far to write - actually, I'd say my favourite of ALL, though I am pleased with those that follow too. This one had THE Giddy/Minty moment in it; it can't really be topped! Thanks for reviewing :)

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