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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Don't you just hate when life gets in the way of a good fic? UGH. Here now, all is good.

I was never massively obsessed with Gabe before. As I've mentioned, sometimes 'mysterious' can seriously get on my wick. But thanks to this chapter image I am now actually in love with him. That face would make even the most irritatingly mysterious man endurable.

Thinking about it now, it almost seems as though the group would naturally split into Gabe/Tanith and Cal/Tobias. Cal and Toby have some amazing conversations, and a lot of the time, Gabe seems closest to Tanith, possibly because she was the first person he told about his visions, and so she understood what he was going through more than the other two. But then, this theory doesn't work when T/T are working out, and also duck!Cal was possibly one of my favourite moments in all of Anguis. And come to think of it, the Yule Ball was a lil bit beautiful too. Gabe and Cal can be such BOYS at times.

I like that Tanith is still friends with Nat. Because she SERIOUSLY still needs a female friend. It's a bit of a shame that she's not even tried asking her to go with her on her little break though. I reckon that it would be better than her going by herself. And I'm disappointed that she's not asked Ariane and Melanie, if only because the POSSIBILITIES of gin-fulled Tuscany escapades ... too exciting to think about. Not going to happen though. Sad times.

Of course, the BEST holiday partner would have been Dimitri. Would have wound Toby up something rotten too.

Gabe seems so much more HUMAN in this conversation with Tanith. The stuff about his parents, the refusal to deny that he DOES care for her, offering to go to Tuscany with her, the HUG ... it's as though he's not trying as hard to keep it all locked up, or maybe that the war has changed him. Or that Jen has. But then, it's not as though he shied away from it all before, necessarily; as he said to Cal, he's not the one who sits around in denial all the time. But he just seems more open now.

I honestly could not think of any reason why Tanith's dad would want to see Gabe, and then the minute he said what he had in mind, it became blindingly obvious. I IS IDIOT. I found it interesting that Daedalus fed information to the Lions, and even more so that he knew that Gabe was a Seer, but neither he or Tanith realised that the other knew. And I like his little rant at Gabe, that he is just as prejudiced as the people that Tanith arrests and Jen prosecutes. And that even now, he's really not that BOTHERED about it. Because it IS a fault of his, that he really doesn't care about anything unless it affects him. It's not always necessarily a bad trait, but it is with Gabe.

But then, I forgive Gabe for this when Daedalus mentions that he doesn't do something for the glory. Because it means that when he DOES do something, he genuinely feels strongly about it. Which is part of the reason why it's such a nice, fluffy thought that he came home to help in the war, to save his friends.

AHAHAHAHA Katie and Gabe living in the same flat. AMAZING. And I love Gannifer a RIDICULOUS amount. They truly are adorable. OM NOM.

Author's Response: I hear you on crazy busy, been doing that stuff myself, thankfully I have a backlog to post (if I'm even near the computer). Gabriel always did languish as the 'least' of the quartet, even to me, even with the Seer plotline in Shade, and only the Jen plot really began to redeem him to me. But I think he might be my favourite of BTP, so hold on to your hat, there's more of his pretty face to come, and more of his mysteriousness to unravel.

If a split were to occur (especially if it's a T/T-based split) then those are the party lines. Because Cal can be there for either, but Gabe can only be there for Tanith - Gabe and Tobias do talk in a later chapter and I suspect it is the ONLY time they have talked one-on-one in the ENTIRE Anguisverse. Which is kind of terrifying. But yes, if T/T work out, then the Cal/Gabe bromance lives large. If it doesn't... as will be elaborated on, Gabe and Tanith don't just get on because of the Seer-mystery binding them, but also they're fairly SIMILAR in certain ways which the more, frankly, NICE Tobias and Cal aren't.

I did consider long and hard whether Tanith would go away on her own. And it's mostly for dramatic reasons that she has. For pacing purposes I didn't want to get too bogged down in the trip (we'll have a time-skip after this chapter) and reintroducing Nat at this juncture would have required some definite attention. I REALLY thought about sending Ariane and Melanie with her, but I realised I couldn't just hand-wave that trip away, and the whole thing would be in SERIOUS danger of becoming like some sort of deranged romcom of the three of them rampaging around Tuscany and it would derail the entire tale within the first five chapters! It would have been TOO hilarious. And her going away with a guy (other than Cal or Gabe) would have also derailed into an entirely DIFFERENT sort of issue.

Gabe is more open. It'll be addressed as we go on, but he's changing, and he knows it, though Tanith is one of the few people he'll be prepared to be open with (Jen being another - Cal sometimes, but he'll still throw up the masks of Being A Guy with Cal). That the two of them hugged is perhaps a milestone, because neither one of them are the ones who initiate hugs. Gabe being a Seer, and the stuff about his visions, is something of an Open Secret, so he shouldn't have been too surprised that Daedalus knew - anyone who could get a member of the Lions talking about the war would learn about it. And Daedalus has the resources for it. I do enjoy Daedalus in this fic, we'll be digging a bit more under the surface of, indeed, that he's less progressive, more against people DYING, which is the same as Gabe. They're remarkably similar when you get down to it, though we'll be seeing the choices they both make and where they do and don't go down the same roads. That said, for all his flaws, Daedalus IS an idealist (you'd have to be, to do what he did), while Gabe fusses only about what's right in front of him. But yes! There will be more of this.

And more of Gannifer (good portmanteau) as they're adorable and thematically important, and more of Katie, whose importance is less thematic and more just amusing to ME, which is important still.

More chapters soon. Now Renaissance is done, BTP will be firing away at a hefty rate. Thanks for reviewing!

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