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Review:peppersweet says:

p.s Albus/Scorpius is my BROTP. bros forever.

Hrnghmo, yes, yes, my thoughts exactly.

Scorpius will die an old man filled with regret = Scorpius is Dominic Cobb CHECK THE TOTEM (sudden crazy next gen inception AU invading my mind, oh god Meghna all I asked for was ONE QUIET SATURDAY NIGHT IN but nooo)

Scorpius chose not to say anything rude to his (only) friend, on the grounds that he was, after all his (only) friend. - let me love them

on a serious note, I love this Scorpius. he is cray cray like a crayish and smart.

"There's nothing he knows that I don't already know," he said haughtily, flicking the hair out of his eyes and strongly resembling the pompous...his mother had raised him to be. - HA. I love this!

Uncle Ringo. Uncle Ringo. again...let me love this.

Ginny said slowly, wondering which of her choicest swear words to pick out of her arsenal. - this is a PURRFECT little snippet of Ginny characterisation my friend.

Scorpius and Albus on a broom together. BROTP.

"I believe Death Eaters are extinct," the older one said slowly. / "That's what they want you to believe." - omg brb dying

ohwowowow that was a killer first chapter. I noticed a few grammar mistakes - not many - mostly confused tenses and a couple of run-on sentences, but not so much that it distracted me from reading. but omg I love this so much ♥

this story is officially worthy of tom hardy's beard.



Hahaha yes 99.999% of the reasons why I wanted to write this was SCORBUS. And I can't help but let them ride broomsticks and stuff together because that's what wizards in love do. OMG INCEPTION AU /LET'S DO IT/ not what I had in mind but if you ever write something of the sort I better be the first to know kthnx.

Yes about Scorpius. He is all kinds of cray and not of the good sort. I had to let a little bit of the slick Malfoy-ness seep in in a couple of places, to make him seem more real. Didn't want everyone going "gurl he is a Malfoy not a possum why did you write him like that?"

UNCLE RINGO MAY OR MAY NOT BE IMPORTANT TO THE PLOT *evil laughter* wait, plot? what plot lol. He's not important-important but he's special and has a mention in the next chapter c:

@ Ginny's characterisation -- really? I thought it was awful lol good to know then! I'm glad it was okay. She just had two and a half lines and a couple of glares so eh I couldn't do much.

I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT as you can see, it's taken me a good amount of time and feels to properly reply to this. Look at what you do to me.

Tom Hardy's beard what get out stop promising me things I will never own!

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