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Review:Maddie says:
No, the review box cannot be crying! I simply won't stand for it! I SHALL BE THE MAN-SIZE KLEENEX TO ABSORB THESE TEARS. May the absorbing commence!

CHEDDAR. CHEDDAR IS TOTES MA FAV. Mozerella may have a cool name, but I must stay true to my cheddar-y roots or else my mother would most likely evict me from the house. (lolol that sounded like I live in the Big Brother house. I don't, by the way. :p)

Ellie sounds awesome, though slightly emotionally deranged - but that's understandable. I laughed so much when she said she found her mum's latest boy-toy fit! As if it couldn't get any worse!

The boys are as hilarious as ever, perhaps randy Scorpius isn't as sweet as I once thought...hmm... The line about the Dutch women jiggeling away... And Ian's reaction...priceless XD

Ack I can't get enough of Charlie and Al's confrontations. He's so infuriating! Much too smarmy and self-satisfied for my liking; TEAM CHARLIE FTW! Albus can just go and drug himself up thereby resulting in that part of his nose connecting his nostrils to wear away whilst Charlie will live a happy (or as close to happiness as nature will allow her to attain) nostril connected life. Yup, nothin' says BADASS more than connected nostrils. Mmm-hmm. *Z snap&sassy head movement*

This chapter cracked me up, as per usual. And usually beginnings are a little slow because we're still getting to grips with the feel of the story and the characters, but you're doing absolutely brilliant so far and you seem to have a really good understanding of your beh-beh! :) Just a quick (or not so quick, depending on the answer :p) question I was pondering, how did you come up with the name "The Prime" for your beh-beh, and what does it mean regarding the story? :)


Ciao chica.

~Maddie x

Author's Response: YOU KLEENEX, YOU. I JUST SAW THIS MASSIVE REVIEW AND MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS "omg it's that massive kleenex of a girl Maddie!"

Honestly I have cheddar all the time. it's like staple food for me, my dad had to throw some out yesterday because it was all getting too much.plus it was mouldy.

Mozzeralla is amaze and im just gonna assume you live in the Big brother house now. don't wozz, my mum would evict me if i breathe too loudly.

okay, i lie but whateva.

ahha got it one! ellie is emotionally gone. eeek i cringed throughout writing that bit, it's so cringe-y. like finding him fit, oh dear.

hah scorpy is randy as can be (love that word). Ian holds a spesh place in my heart as the best kid at giving best reactions eva.


Albus is a ball of smarm and annoyance. im glad he's annoying you! haha. although i find him secretly funny.


haha omg that's hilarious! al will happly wear his nose out, lovey. haha.

im afraid charlie will never be happy- it's not eva possible. even with fully connected nostrils.

*snappy z movement right back at ya*

thank you so much! that means a lot as i try to put a lot of effort in ma bubz.

Haha well it started off with a completely wack name like chaos. but me and my besta were brain storming and it was either her or me who was like "what about the prime something something". and then i eventually reached "the prime" ahha.

it does actually have a deep meaning ;) it's meant to refer to the fact that they assume that this is the prime of the life. this is the age where they've grown up too fast and everything is being thrown at them too quickly where all the drama means so much and everyone's mind and thoughts are so fragile. it's at the age were they think they know so much but really they're just kids. if you're looking for songs to explain the feeling search "kids" by mgmt and "time to pretend" by mgmt. it sums up some of the feelings in the prime.

ahah if you need any other songs for a character or the whole fic (i have a massive list) just holla, gurl.

I think you'll find out at the end whether or not it's really the prime of their lives ;)

YOU GO UNDER THAT ROCK, LOVEY, YOU GO. you may need some vitamin d supplements tho.

thanks for leaving such a sweet review, ciao! xoxo

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