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Review:hdawg says:
GUBBY GUBBY GUBBY! (fire fire fire!) I've been creating your own war chant, I think it's fantastic. This fic has been on my list for a while but I kept spelling your name wrong when I searched you so it's taken me ages to find it :( I'm sorry, but I'm here now!

"This is not the boy's story./It is a story of the boy." This, I love. Kind of reminds me of '500 Days of Summer'...which I also, coincidentally, love. Five house points to you.

I just adore the way that you talk about Regulus and Sirius as if they are stars, as if their fate is predetermined because of who they are, their names and their family. I've never thought of their names as overly symbolic before, but wowzers, how I have missed something!

The narrator is just perfect as well - removed, cold, distant, but there. It suits the Black family well. And the brotherly relations between them, I guess I'd thought about it, but not like this. That Sirius not only changed his own fate by becoming a Gryffindor, but also Regulus', because now he had to prove himself even though he is still in the shadow of "the brightest star".

"And he, a lone, scrawny lion with a skull spitting serpent on his forearm." This just pulls at my heart, and I don't think I really need to explain myself. It's just so...sad. I know, what a rubbish word to describe it, but it really does break my heart that he is like this - that he can't be himself.

This bit was kind of a small ray of light in this: "She's with her Prince Transfiguring". U so witty!

Bellatrix -"She's the Amazon Star, a warrior, third brightest in Orion. It's funny because she's one of three sisters. Also, because war is a great big orchestrated elaborate stunt. She will probably die for that shit." Reading this is like reading the stars and making me understand things that have been staring me in the face for years. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention in such a poetic way, and yet with just the right amount of swearing for it to really be a teenage boy ;)

"Firstly, more importantly, it is the Mark./Secondly, it's Evans' eyes." Is he can't be. He can't actually be feeling something towards her, can he? Wow. This is a revelation. Wow.

"There are shades of grey in every story, in his especially, but there is still a spectrum. He is on one side, his brother is on the other." and then there's Christian Gale in his red room of paiiin! Sorry, I had to get it in there. That book just makes me shudder in revulsion.

"Never mind that nothing, nothing can escape the pull of a black hole. Not light. And definitely not green." Honestly, you make me so jealous. It's these lines, these tiny paragraphs that make me squirm in envy. You are amazing ♥ Teach me how to write like you!

"If he killed her before anyone else got to her-before Bella-he could spare her misery, torture, dishonor." And once more, you have broken me. Honestly, I want to write more in this review but it is heartbreaking, knowing where it's going to inevitably end. You are a genius and a fiend, coming up and writing this, and torturing me with these complicated feelings I am feeling.

But the way he contemplates killing them is just...awful. Because he's not cold. He's a boy, and yet he has to think about this, about killing his brother who people thought was his twin. You know just how to put the knife in and twist it so that it hurts the most, don't you? ;(

"It is not so surprising that Leo's brightest star would forget that the Earth is still a part of the universe he drools over./Earthly creatures. Like... flowers, for example." You are killing me with symbolism. I am reading into this in hopefully the ways you want me to, and it is not only enlightening, but also makes me feel so hopeless.

"Don't. Don't talk about him to me."/He's not, in a small way./He's talking about himself." How is it you can shock me, play with my emotions, pick me up and set me back on my feet, and then knock me down again with me not seeing any of this coming?! You are truly fantastic. You not only twist the canon, but you present it in new ways, adding new meanings and dimensions to it, and making it not only fit your purposes, but also making it feel even more real. I bow down to you. You are just so...phenomenal. And I mean it, seriously.

Wowzers. Gubby that was breathtaking. I have no words to describe how you left me feelings - jealousy does not even describe one-tenth of what I am feeling. You use words so easily, with so much grace and eloquence, that everything you write is so alive with feelings and emotions just works its way into the reader. Not only this, but the descriptions, the symbolism, the narrator, they are all perfect. They speak volumes in themselves.

I am so glad this was recommended to me. I aspire to write like you and I just thank you.

Lots of love, from your friend,
Hannah ♥ ♥ ♥

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